Honey Boo Boo Gives Mama June Advice on How to Deal With Haters in 'From Not to Hot' Clip

June gets criticized for having fast food right before her beauty pageant in ET's exclusive clip.

Mama June doesn’t let the haters get her down.

In ET's exclusive clip from this week's episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot, June Shannon gets nasty comments from her competitors after she eats fast food right before her beauty pageant. After her daughter, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon, arrives backstage with her meal, one contestant calls the 39-year-old reality star "trashy" in front of her other daughter, Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson.

"I've been called white trash so many times," Mama June says to the camera in another shot. "But you know what's trashy to me? People talking sh*t about me in front of my daughter and also talking junk at an anti-bully charity event."

That's when Honey Boo Boo gives her mom some sound advice about how to deal with people who "get on your nerves."

"Let your haters be your motivators," the 12-year-old reality star tells her mom. See more in the video above.

Additionally, in a second clip from Friday's episode, Mama June struggles to fit into her pageant dress.

"Fitting in this dress and showing all the haters that I can do it is going to be another huge milestone for me," she says in the preview. "I need to get into this dress."

Mama June: From Not to Hot airs Fridays on WE TV. See more of Mama June in the video below.