Hope Lies About Her Cancer and Gets a Boyfriend in 'Hope Springs Eternal' Clip (Exclusive)

Mia Rose Frampton, Lauren Giraldo and Beau Brooks star in the high school dramedy, in theaters Aug. 10.

"'Hey Hope, what did you do today?'" 18-year-old Hope Gracin asks herself in this exclusive clip from Hope Springs Eternal. "Oh, you know, I just told everyone and their mom that my cancer's getting worse, and that's so not true and I'm such a liar and I hate myself."

The high school dramedy stars Mia Rose Frampton (who you'll probably recognize as the tween Kristen Wiig calls a "c*nt" in Bridesmaids and, fun fact, she is also daughter of rock legend Peter Frampton) as Hope, a girl who became popular as "the girl dying of cancer"...until she goes into remission. So, she lies, and feels badly about it...until the "cooliest thing" happens with dreamy Kai (played by Beau Brooks from YouTube comedy group the Janoskians).

"OK, some of the most perfect things in life don't last forever, like sunsets or rainbows or the polar ice caps. And I know you're not going to be around forever, so I wanted to tell you how I really felt," Kai tells her. "I love you."

Hope Springs Eternal, from director Jack C. Newell, also stars social media star Lauren Giraldo and opens in theaters and is available on VOD on Aug. 10.

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Watch the trailer for Hope Springs Eternal:

Here is the movie's official synopsis:

"Hope Gracin is known as 'the girl dying of cancer' and has fully embraced this identity. Posting YouTube videos, having fun with friends, an Australian boyfriend, and being popular have been results of this identity...until her tests show that she is cured. Hope, unsure of what her new future holds, hides the truth. But as what happens with most secrets, the truth comes out. How will everyone react? With the help of her friends and loved ones, Hope faces her fear of living only to discover the beauty of living."


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