'House of Flowers' Season 2 to Premiere This Fall

Casa de las Flores

Manolo Caro and Cecilia Suarez are ready for more 'Casa de las Flores.'

Paulina de la Mora is back!

Casa de las Flores (House of Flowers) season two will premiere on Netflix in October, ET can confirm. 

The Spanish-language series became a certified hit after it premiered last August. The show stars Cecilia Suarez, Aislinn Derbez and Dario Yazbek Bernal. 

"This time around we get to focus on all the craziness and everything that's happening with the family," Manolo Caro, the series creator and director, told ET exclusively, while promoting his new film, Perfectos Desconocidos, which premieres Friday, Jan. 11. 

"We're working hard, fine-tuning the story, getting to know the characters better," he added. "I think season two is going to be better than the first one." 

"We are all very excited about it," Suarez told ET on Friday. "I think this new season will have surprises, new characters and a lot more craziness from the De La Mora family."

The 47-year-old Mexican actress couldn't be more brilliant in the series, creating an accent to better-fit her character, Paulina, that's become a global phenomenon. 

"[Cecilia] takes a lot of risks with me,” Caro explained. “She is a woman who listens to me and knows my sense of humor, and knows how to deliver a performance without a lot of guidance.”    

"She generously gives her entire heart and soul to her characters,” he added. 

Casa de Las Flores season one is currently available to stream on Netflix. 

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Additional reporting by Liz Calvario.