Houston Astros' Carlos Correa Was Betting on World Series Win to Pop the Question: ‘I Didn’t Have a Plan B'

Carlos Correa and Daniella Rodriguez on Today

In the days leading up the proposal, all he talked about was “baseball, baseball, baseball," so fiancee Daniella Rodriguez had no idea a proposal was coming!

The Houston Astros may be the World Series champs, but Carlos Correa and his new fiancee, Daniella Rodriguez, have captured our hearts.

The shortstop for the Astros didn’t waste any time after his team’s historic victory, popping the big question right on the field immediately following their win over the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 7. Cameras captured the whole thing live on television for the whole world to see.

Friday morning, the adorable couple hit up the Today show to talk to Carson Daly about the proposal. 

Apparently, the seed for the idea came when the Astros entered the playoffs. “I knew we had championship potential in our team,” Correa told Daly. “So, I was waiting it out and we were able to win. So, for me, that was plan A. I’m glad plan A worked, because I didn’t have a plan B.”

Rodriguez, who was Miss Texas USA 2016, admitted that she was completely caught off guard. “I honestly was [surprised]. It was something that I never imagined him doing, especially there. You know, he was so focused on all of those games.”

Correa used his preparation for the important games to hide the fact he was planning on proposing. “The only thing I was talking about during those days was baseball, baseball, baseball. It was game 7. I was so laser-focused on playing baseball that she never thought I was going to propose at that point.”

As for where he stashed the gigantic ring the whole game, Correa confessed he didn’t carry it with him and it stayed in the clubhouse until the very moment he proposed. During the ninth inning, he ran in and told the clubby, “I don’t want to jinx anything, but if we get three outs, bring me my ring.”