How Johnny Galecki Helped Sara Gilbert Name Their TV Son for 'Roseanne' Revival

'Roseanne' Co-Stars Sara Gilbert and Johnny Galecki
Charley Gallay/Getty Images

David Healy and Darlene Conner's older son, Mark, is named after a very special person in their lives.

Long before Johnny Galecki and Sara Gilbert reunited as David Healy and Darlene Conner on Tuesday's new Roseanne, the actors put their heads together in real life to come up with a name for their character's son.

Gilbert dished on the naming process during an episode of The Talk on Monday, where she opened up to her fellow co-hosts about reaching out to Galecki through text message last year, and coming up with the perfect name almost instantly.

"Back in June, for Roseanne, I have a son on the show and I had to name my son," explained Gilbert, who also serves as an executive producer on the hit ABC revival. "So I thought, 'Oh! I've got to reach out to Johnny Galecki, because this is our kid together.'"

On the show, Galecki's David and Gilbert's Darlene were on-again/off-again teenage lovers, who end up getting pregnant and subsequently married. In the revival season, they share a teenage daughter, Harris (Emma Kenney) and younger son Mark (Ames McNamara).

"So I text him, 'What do you think we named our baby boy?' And then I said, 'Oh, maybe Mark!' Because [the character] Mark was played by Glenn Quinn. He was his brother on his show who passed away," Gilbert said. "And then Johnny said, 'Oh, definitely Mark.'"

Gilbert previously posted the adorable text exchange on Instagram on Monday, which she captioned, "@sanctionedjohnnygalecki and I naming our son via text back in June. See you on tv tomorrow David."

Galecki later commented on the post, "I don't think we've ever agreed on anything so quickly. ;) Love you, @thesaragilbert #forglenn."

In the revival series, David's older brother, Mark Healy, was revealed to have died, leaving Darlene's older sister, Becky, a widow. In real life, the character was written off in deference to Quinn's death in 2002 from a drug overdose. The show previously paid tribute to Quinn with an in memoriam card.

Tuesday's episode, "Darlene v. David,"  revealed the fate of Galecki and Gilbert's onscreen relationship in the years between the original series and the new revival season. Check out the video below to see more on David and Darlene's reunion.

Roseanne airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.