How King Charles Feels About 'The Crown' Reliving His and Princess Diana's Troubles (Exclusive)

ET spoke with royal expert Katie Nicholl about the latest season of 'The Crown' and the impact it could have on King Charles.

Having your past dragged up to the forefront is hard for anyone to deal with, and it seems this is especially true for King Charles when it comes to the latest season of The Crown.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl recently sat down with ET and weighed in on how King Charles feels about the newly released fifth season of the Netflix drama, which deals with the aftermath of Charles' divorce from Princess Diana, his romance with Camilla Parker Bowles and Diana's tragic, untimely death.

"Certainly The Crown, along with the imminent release of Prince Harry's biography, have been bumps in the road for the start of the king's reign," Nicholl shared. "But nothing that he's not been able to overcome."

"I think, in the case of The Crown ... I think the concern, certainly by the king, is that the younger generation, the Netflix generation, may well tune into the series and not be able to distinguish fact from fiction and perhaps may base their opinion of Charles based on his past and what they've seen represented in The Crown," she said.

"I do know from sources close to the King that one of his fears is that the start of his reign might be overshadowed by the specter of his past -- and, of course at times, a pretty turbulent and troublesome past," Nicholl continued. "And I think The Crown just goes to show ... those fears weren't completely unfounded."

"But I actually think that Charles has probably escaped from this relatively unscathed," she added. "The palace has chosen not to comment on the latest series of The Crown, and that they're not going to get involved in it in any way."

According to Nicholl, it doesn't seem that the latest series has actually "done a huge amount of damage." However, she explained that it "must be incredibly frustrating for the king that he cannot escape from his past."

"I'm sure he'd rather be able to leave the past where it belongs, as people can escape their 25-year-old history, but not [when they are] the King, when he was the Prince of Wales. He's more documented than any heir apparent before him."

"I'm sure by now he's used to it and not prepared to give it too much attention but I think frustrated nonetheless," she shared.

For more on the latest season of The Crown, check out the video below.