How Kourtney Kardashian's Kids are Handling Her Dating Travis Barker

A source tells ET that the reality star's three children 'just want her to be happy.'

There are a lot of reasons why Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are good for each other, starting with they're both parents.

"Kourtney and Travis have known each other for a long time and they recently became romantic. They live in the same community and things finally clicked in this way," a source tells ET. "Kourtney loves the way Travis is a dad and he makes her laugh hysterically. She loves that about him, and the family is fond of him too."

Travis has two kids, 17-year-old Landon and 15-year-old Alabama, with ex-wife Shanna Moakler, while Kourtney has three children of her own, 11-year-old Mason, 8-year-old Penelope and 6-year-old Reign, with ex Scott Disick. 

"Kourtney’s kids just want her to be happy. Kourtney and Travis’ relationship is pretty casual and low key right now and Kourtney definitely isn’t making it a huge thing with the kids," the source says of how the 41-year-old reality star's family is handling her dating life. 

Scott, however, "is definitely a little jealous," the source notes. "Scott does know that he has the upper hand being the father of Kourtney’s kids and that they still have an incredibly special bond, and no one can come between that," the source continues. "Their history together and love for each other can’t be touched by anyone else and they both know that.”

As for how Travis' ex feels about his new girlfriend, the source says "Shana Moakler has been on-off supportive of the relationship."

"Sometimes she’s happy for Travis and the next moment she is crazy jealous," the source claims. "Shana and Travis have been great at co-parenting together for the last few months."

For more on Kourtney's romance with the 45-year-old Blink 182 drummer, watch the video below.