How 'Next in Fashion' Hosts Gigi Hadid and Tan France Bonded Over Parenthood (Exclusive)

The 'Next in Fashion' hosts open up to ET about parenthood, evolving styles and judging the Netflix fashion competition.

Next in Fashion is back with season 2, and this time Gigi Hadid joins Tan France as the co-hosts of the fashion reality competition. Ahead of the new episodes' debut on Netflix, the two sat down with ET's Rachel Smith to share how they bonded over parenthood, their evolving styles and getting through some of the more emotional moments on the show. 

While Hadid takes over for Alexa Chung, who hosted alongside France in season 1, there's no doubting the chemistry that's seen onscreen with the new pairing. And according to France, the two "definitely" bonded over "baby stuff."  

"Obviously," adds Hadid, who is the mother of 2-year-old Khai, while France is father to 1-year-old Ismail.  

And since their kids are one year apart in age, there's already a noticeable difference in their fashion choices. "Khai is a lot more experiential 'cause she's a little older," France notes, while Hadid confirms that her daughter is taking the reins in what she wears. 

"[She's] experimental and also, like, not asking for my opinion," Hadid says, revealing that Khai is very much her mother's daughter. "I dressed myself very young. Look, I've always loved, like, mixing prints and colors and my mom [Yolanda] always helped me be experimental. So, I love to do the same." 

She adds, "It's so much more fun when they're wearing something they want to wear. They are awesome. Like, the vibe they have, it's just fun." 


And now that she's a mother herself, Hadid has noticed how much her style has evolved. "I've been drawn a lot more to my staple closet," she says, sharing that she loves "being able to have a uniform" made up of jeans, a T-shirt, a simple sweater and a pair of sneakers. "[I] like to keep it really simple and make it funky in my own ways, like, with my jewelry or, like, pops and color prints." 

Of course, when she's on a red carpet, that's a whole other story. "I've been really going for it and having a lot of fun," Hadid says, explaining that "when you become a parent, you just have to prioritize your time." 

And as a result, she's more selective about "the jobs I choose to do," she continues, opting to work on something like Next in Fashion

When it comes to season 2, 12 up-and-coming designers are all vying for a $200,000 cash prize and the opportunity to launch their collection on Rent the Runway. Over the course of the season, they'll be judged by the likes of Donatella Versace, Olivier Rousteing, Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Emma Chamberlain and Ashley Park

While Hadid and France both guide the contestants through to the finish, the co-hosts have different approaches to how they help them along the way. "I'm definitely a bad cop. [Gigi] is 100 percent a good cop," France admits, while Hadid claims that she "gives good notes, though." 

"You give great notes. But she does it a lot more gently," France responds. 

Despite their different approaches to helping the contestants, both are equally invested in the designers' future. "You get to know them, obviously, as people and then to see them grow in the competition and see them push themselves," Hadid says, adding that they also get "emotional watching them love each other so much." 

But it's all "so wholesome," France points out. The competition is not about tearing each other down, when it's actually about building each other up. 

And so the tears come from a good place. "I'm a huge fan of competition TV and I think it's the same way that you're sitting at home and you're, like, crying for them," Hadid says. 

Next in Fashion season 2 premieres Friday, March 3 on Netflix.