How Shawn Mendes Ended Up Getting an Accidental Text From Mariah Carey

Turns out Mariah Carey has Shawn Mendes' phone number -- and an unexpected way of celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

Get ready because this story will have you in stitches. If fans needed another reason to love Mariah Carey, they got it early Friday when the iconic singer revealed she accidentally texted Shawn Mendes. But the story behind the text is even funnier.

"My cousin Shawn M and I have this silly joke where we tell each other Happy Thanksgiving on St. Patrick’s Day," she explained in a tweet. "@ShawnMendes found out about it today.. sorry Shawn!!"

Carey also shared a screenshot of the texts themselves: "Happy thanksgiving!!!!" she wrote followed by "Wrong Shawn. Sorry. Also, I do realize it is NOT Thanksgiving. Haha."

Mendes replied, "hahahaha that's okay i figured it was an inside joke." 

Now all we want to know is: What's it like to get a text from Mariah Carey herself?

While Carey was celebrating St. Patrick's Day her own way, other stars were spending the day differently. The Kardashian-Jenners were busy wishing Rob Kardashian a happy 35th birthday. Meanwhile, Prince William and Kate Middleton stepped out in Aldershot, England, for their first public St. Patrick's Day celebration since the pandemic, including catching up with the Irish wolf hound regimental mascot named Seamus.

As for Mendes, it looks like he was enjoying some quality time in Texas in between shows for his world tour. As he captioned a photo of himself lounging shirtless in the sun, "Austinnn see you saturday."