How to Throw an Awards Show Viewing Party Fit for Hollywood

ET is here to help you throw a bash fit for the stars!

It’s officially awards season in Hollywood and ET’s here to help you throw an awards show viewing party fit for your favorite A-list stars!

Awards season is the perfect excuse to get all your friends together for a glamorous night of fun – Hollywood style! Start by downloading these customizable invitations. Simply add your name, address and start time to the template. Then, print out the invites on white card stock, stuff them in black envelopes and mail them out to all of your besties.

Half the fun of awards season is watching the celebs strut their stuff down the red carpet in their designer duds while you’re comfy on the couch, living that pajama life. Make sure your guests are cozy for the big event by encouraging them to rock their most festive black and white PJs but tap into that Old Hollywood glam with some faux pearls, faux diamonds, bow ties and top hats.

Channel classic Hollywood flicks with black-and-white décor, adding pops of gold throughout for a hint of glitz. Add some drama to your space in an impactful and super affordable way by bundling black balloons of different shapes and sizes around the room.

For seating, print up headshots of the celeb nominees on white card stock and tape them to your chairs using black, white and gold washi tape. This could not be easier and it’s just like what the real show does when planning out the seating chart for the big event.

As your guests arrive, play a mix of classic movie scores or songs from this year’s Best Picture nominees using the Amazon Fire TV Cube, one of ET's partners this awards season.

Nothing says a night at the movies like popcorn and candy. Give those classic movie snacks a makeover starting with a DIY popcorn station. Let your guests spice up their treat just the way they like by setting out a variety of seasonings. Display the popcorn in individual black-and-white striped containers and let your friends do the rest!

Pick up some of your favorite movie theater candy and display in clear containers on a table. Give each guest a black-and-white striped favor bag to dish up the sweets of their choice.  

It wouldn’t be a celebration without a little champagne! Serve the refreshing beverage in a champagne flute complete with a black-and-white striped straw and a tiny black balloon garnish. Then raise your glass and toast to Tinseltown.

Set up a photo booth wall using black-and-gold metallic fringe garland. Make your own props and put them on a table with a sign reading “lights, camera, action!”

Get the crowd warmed up with a game of “Who Am I?” Download our template and print on white card stock. Cut out the cards that have the names of the celebrity nominees and place each card in a tiny envelope and seal with our downloadable ribbons to give it that awards envelope feel. Pass out one to each guest and have them tape the celeb card to their forehead without peeking. The goal of the game? To be the first person to figure out which name they are wearing by asking other guests questions about the card they are wearing. The first person to guess which star they are wins a prize! Consider handing out movie theater gift cards to the big winner.

That’s a wrap! When the show is over and it’s time for your guests to hit the road, send them home with movie-themed favors including microwavable popcorn and a box of candy.