Hulu's 'Into the Dark' Puts a Terrifying Twist on 'The Breakfast Club' -- Watch the Trailer! (Exclusive)

Into The Dark's 'School Spirit'

After tackling frightening stories about Halloween, child-friendly toy mascots and the dark side of the American dream, Hulu's terrifying anthology horror series Into the Dark is taking viewers back to high school.

In "School Spirit," the upcoming installment in the series, a mismatched group of high school students and social outcasts end up stuck in detention together, a la The Breakfast Club, when things take a dark turn.

As the group contend with the tedium of weekend detention, the boredom gives way to fear and abject terror as they realize that the urban legends about the dark spirits that supposedly haunt the halls of their school are more real than they could imagine.

As they get to know one another over a long Saturday locked in the library, the students start telling ghost stories and getting high to pass the time -- as it turns out, that's not a great combination, as their imaginations start to get the better of them.

The fact that they soon find themselves the targets of a murderous figure -- who may or may not be the vengeful spirit of a teacher who died as the result of a prank pulled by misbehaving students -- just adds to the paranoid, fear and confusion.

"I wanted to combine the great slasher films of the '90s like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer with the iconic character ensembles of the '80s films like Breakfast Club," director Mike Gan said in a statement released by Hulu. 

"The themes in the story are dark and serious, but there’s fun moments throughout "School Spirit," because they’re high school kids in detention who take everything way too seriously," he added.

Ma star Corey Fogelmanis, who plays Brett in "School Spirit," said he was thrilled to return to the horror genre and play out his character's "wild" journey in the spooky school tale.

"I had a great time working on this project. I was excited by the prospect of being a part of Into The Dark even before I booked the role because the stories [Blumhouse TV and the creative teams on each episode] are telling are so risky and out of the box," he said. "They’re outlandish and eccentric, but grounded in character and everyday life. I like that -- the deriving of horror from the way humans treat each other and how the world works." 

Hulu's Into the Dark, made in collaboration with Blumhouse Television, is set to include a total of 12 feature-length standalone horror films, each loosely inspired by a holiday. "School Spirit" is the penultimate episode of the series, while the previous installment, "Culture Shock," debuted earlier this month.

Into the Dark's "School Spirit" premieres Aug. 2 on Hulu.


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