Ice-T Previews Finn's Big 'Law & Order: SVU' Episode and Candid New Podcast (Exclusive)

Ice-T talks new podcast
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'Ice-T's Daily Game' podcast premieres on iHeartPodcasts on Feb. 13.

Ice-T is dropping some serious gems! In his new podcast, Ice-T's Daily Game in partnership with iHeartPodcasts, the 64-year-old veteran entertainer is coming to listeners every weekday, with a new piece of advice -- inspired by his Twitter account.

"Every day I give out something called an ice-cold fact or a daily game," he tells ET about the inspiration behind his latest venture. "And it's just things that I've learned or quotes that I use from my life. A lot of them come from me, a lot of them come from other people I respect. I recorded 200 of them and they'll come on every day. And hopefully this inspires people and motivates people. I think we all need motivation and we all need some of the keys that some successful people use to win."

For five minutes every episode, Ice-T will drop "game" that will hopefully help listeners as they start or end their day.

"It's something that you can drink your coffee to and get up in the morning and say, 'Man, I got to listen to this one today,' and hopefully it'll help you," he says. "I have quotes from Wesley Knight, quotes from philosophers, quotes from different people that I come across, and I explain my experiences with them and then you hear their knowledge."


He adds, "I hope it improves their life. I hope at least one of them says, 'Man, I needed to hear that.'"

During his time in the game -- inside and outside of Hollywood -- Ice-T has had others drop jewels to him, so it's only right that he pays it forward.

"I think my favorite one, I've always told people, is only take advice from people you admire. And admiration is a big word, not somebody you like, somebody you really admire," he says. "You're going to love the daily games. You going to get hooked on them. And hopefully what happens is people tell other people about them and it makes the world better. You know what it is? It's giving back. The best thing I can give you back is the knowledge. I can give you the knowledge of what worked for me and works for others. That's it. You can take that anywhere and everywhere."

All of the gems that came Ice-T's way are coming full circle. This month, not only did the "Original Gangster" rapper take the stage at the GRAMMYs to celebrate 50 years of hip hop, but he's also celebrating his decades-long career in music and television with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

"As many times as the cops had me face down on them stars, I was looking very close," he tells ET with a laugh. "So now to actually be honored is a great honor. Most of my friends are more excited about it than I was, but they had to make it clear, 'Man, your kids, this is a legacy thing. You get to be amongst all the greats.' So I'm very happy."


In other especially exciting news for Ice-T, his fan-favorite Law & Order: SVU character, Detective Odafin Tutuola, has a can't-miss episode, which will air on his birthday, Feb. 16.

"Without giving too much away, Finn basically used to be a narcotics cop before he got over to SVU," he teased. "Well, he gets the award one night, comes home, and this guy is sitting in his house and he has a gun on him. He says, 'You put me in jail for 20 years.' And it was from before SVU, and then the story unfolds from there. So you'll see I got a situation I have to address."

Listen to Ice-T's Daily Game now on iHeartPodcasts.