Idris Elba and Jim Carrey on Elba's 'Sexy' Knuckles Voice for 'Sonic The Hedgehog 2' (Exclusive)

The pair spoke about the film and Elba bringing the "sexy" to his 'Sonic The Hedgehog 2' character.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is going to be rolling into a theater near you on April 8, and Jim Carrey and Idris Elba are ready to bring a little something extra to their characters for the sequel.

ET's Matt Cohen spoke to the pair, where they discussed Elba's character, Knuckles, and the "sexy" he's bringing to Sonic's arch enemy.

"Idris makes the coffee table seem sexier, you know, he puts his feet up on it and suddenly it's like, 'damn that coffee table is fire,'" Carey joked. "The guy has just got it going on."   

On a more serious note, Carrey said he's glad Elba "joined the gang."

"Super glad he joined the gang, and I am super glad because he is just a great actor to begin with, and a great presence," he gushed. "I hope he had a fun time doing it, because I never saw him during the whole thing. I still haven’t run into him, it's hilarious. I am going to see him at the premiere, so I think it's wonderful that he's doing this."

Elba on the other hand said Knuckle's "sexy voice," wasn't intentional.

"You know what man, I don't know if they're really listening," Elba said. "Sexy -- because I said I was trying not to put on a sexy voice for Knuckles, and I think someone was like, 'uh failed.'"

"From my perspective I didn't try to be that," he continued. "I was really going for a character that English wasn't its first language, and that he was a little bit awkward. So, if that comes across sexy, thumbs up."

As far as Carrey's character, Dr. Robotnik, he's bringing a bigger, more nefarious mustache to the sequel. 

"Well, I was really, really happy that we were able to take him to the level that it is starting to look like the guy in the game we were used to," Carrey said of transforming Dr. Robotnik into the beloved character from the Sega video game. "That mustache was hugely important. I fought for that mustache. There were a lot of people on set going, 'I don't know if the mustache is like that, it may take people out of the movie,' and I said, 'Yes, into heaven.'"  
"The mustache to me was Robotnik's midlife crisis mustache," he continued. "Now that he has got an outward manifestation on his upper lip, I wanted it to be bigger, I wanted it to leave frame on both sides. Every once in a while, it will start teetering back and forth and you will cut out wide and see Sonic on one end, and Knuckles on the other. But they do have to reign me in from time to time."

See Knuckles and Dr. Robotnik team up to take on Sonic when Sonic the Hedgehog 2 hits theaters on April 8.