‘Insecure’: Issa and Lawrence Trade Places, Molly Ends Her Celibacy Streak

Insecure Season 2 Issa Cuddles Up To Daniel

The tables turn on Sunday’s episode of HBO’s hit comedy.

The tables have officially turned on Insecure.

In episode five of HBO’s hit comedy, Issa (Issa Rae) is happily dating new guys, while Lawrence seems to be in denial about how things ended. 

Although Daniel (Y'Ian Noel) seems like an obvious catch among her gaggle of potential suitors, Issa wants to play the field. But her flirting gets out of hand when she crashes her car thanks to a NSFW pic from a “potential bae.”


Luckily, Daniel comes to pick her up, adding another point to the scoreboard of men who are probably better for Issa than Lawrence (at least for the time being).


While Issa is busy building her roster of new men, and checking her co-worker’s “privilege” at the door, Lawrence is basically falling apart. 

A jury duty summons gives him just enough downtime to troll Daniel’s Facebook page, and he keeps the investigation going over drinks with his friend Derek (Wade Allain-Marcus).


During their talk, Lawrence accuses Issa of “playing” him throughout their relationship, but Derek refreshes his memory.

“You spent two years unemployed, not doing s**t, letting your woman take care of you,” he tells Lawrence. 

Although Derek makes it clear that he doesn’t exactly agree with Issa rekindling things with Daniel, he can certainly understand why she cheated on Lawrence.

Also, it seems that having a threesome has made Lawrence extra critical of Issa's sex life. 

In other sexual conundrums, Molly (Yvonne Orji) kicks Lionel (Sterling K. Brown) to the curb and ends her vow of celibacy, after she learns the truth about her parents’ seemingly happy marriage. The reveal finds her turning to Dro (Sarunas J. Jackson), her childhood friend who claims to be in an “open marriage.” 

The episode comes to a close with Molly and Dro in bed, and since we haven’t heard from his wife, there could be another plot twist on the way. 

Insecure airs Sundays at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.