'Insecure' Season 4 Finale: Issa Rae on Breaking Down the Show's 'Most Important' Relationship (Exclusive)

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Season four came to a close on Sunday night.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Do not proceed if you haven't watched Sunday's season four finale of Insecure. 

Season four of Insecure came to a close on Sunday night, and offered some sort of resolution to Issa (Issa Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji)'s friendship issues. However, everything can't be all good all the time, so their long-awaited reunion came as their romantic relationships imploded. 

Though Andrew (Alexander Hodge) had stuck by Molly's side this season, their relationship hit another roadblock on Sunday's episode. They struggled to see eye-to-eye at Molly's work function, and he realized they might just not be a great match.


And after rekindling her romance with Lawrence (Jay Ellis) and putting Nathan (Kendrick Sampson) in the friend zone, Issa was hit with a huge bombshell. Condola (Christina Elmore) was pregnant with Lawrence's baby -- and she's planning to keep it. 

"This taints him in a very real way," Rae said of Lawrence on the post-episode "Wine Down." "They've lost a milestone... so now, she doesn't have the firstborn. He's sharing that moment with someone he's not with, and they just recommitted." 

So, all that drama -- plus an emotional quest to find Tiffany (Amanda Seales), who had disappeared as she deals with postpartum depression -- left Molly and Issa craving the supportive friendship they used to have.

In an email interview with ET, Rae opened up about ending season four by exploring the fate of the show's "most important relationship" -- the one between Issa and Molly. 

Merie W. Wallace/HBO

"I want viewers to feel a sense of relief that Molly and Issa are finally coming together to have the overdue talk. This is and has always been the love story of Issa and Molly and our most important relationship of the series," she said.

"What started out as a genuine effort to hold one another accountable for their regressive actions at the beginning of the season ended with missed opportunities for communication and a lot of pent up vitriol; but at the end of the day, they were kind of right about one another," Rae added. 

As for what's in store for season five, Rae said it's "very exciting." "All I'll say is that we'll be able to do some things this season that we haven't quite been able to do before," she teased. 

Season four of Insecure premiered on April 12, after the coronavirus pandemic outbreak had changed peoples' lives as they know it. The dramedy served as an important escape for viewers -- and has been an even bigger source of comfort amid racial justice protests across the United States and the world following the death of George Floyd. 

"I'm so grateful that people view our show as an escape," Rae told ET. "The entire Insecure team works hard to make this show as authentic to the specificity of our stories as possible. It's been such an odd, discouraging and scary time to air, but viewers have shown us so much love and made this season in particular unforgettable for us all."

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