Inside Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Plans for Their New Home Together

The pair recently purchased a $50 million mansion in Bel Air.


While the couple did have plans for their new home, a source told ET in April that, "Ben and Jen are no longer moving into the $55 million estate in Bel Air. The deal fell out of escrow."

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are getting ready to make their new house, a home. The pair recently purchased a $55 million mansion in Bel Air and a source tells ET it's the natural next step for the couple.

"Ben and Jen want a house together in L.A., and probably a couple of other places as well, but this house in Bel Air is so great for them. They spend every night together when they can, and having this home will make that easier. It’s the next step in their relationship and since they are both in it for the long run, they can't wait to have a home together," the source shard.

The couple, who rekindled their romance in 2021, after calling off their engagement in 2004, have plans to make the home their own, including some redecorating and a few renovations.

"They are looking forward to making the home their own and having a place together. They are also planning to decorate it together and any renovations that they choose to do will be theirs together," the source continued.  Jen is definitely taking the lead on the home decor, but they want to implement both of their styles so everyone feels comfortable moving into the house and this new chapter in all of their lives."

The source said that Lopez and Affleck are "excited" to further solidify their relationship and take that next step, as a couple and as a family unit as they hope to "bring everyone together" and have their families grow even closer.

"Jen and Ben are excited to further solidify their relationship and take this next step. At this point, they know they are meant to be together and they are prepared to elevate their relationship in this way and include their families in the process and bring everyone together as a healthy unit," the source explained. "It will be great for the kids and everyone is excited and can't wait to get even closer.
They also can't wait to make new memories there and host celebratory events like birthdays and holidays."

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The news of the couple's home planning comes shortly after ET learned that the couple is having conversations about getting engaged again.

"Ben and Jen can't wait to spend the rest of their lives together and know that they were destined to be together," a source told ET earlier this month. "An engagement is on the table and it has been an ongoing conversation."

The source added that communication is key for the pair.

"They actively talk about what didn't work in the past and use those experiences to strengthen their relationship now, for the future and for the sake of themselves and their families," the source continued. "They are committed to having a healthy, everlasting relationship."

What's more, the pair clearly support each other. From carpets and big events to the private moments we don't get to see.

“Ben is Jen’s number one fan and he completely champions her and always tells her how great she is. He loves talking about her different projects," the source shared. "She is a huge supporter of his too, but Ben really can't stop telling everyone how smart and hardworking she is.” 

The source also noted that Affleck's first wife, Jennifer Garner, who is the mother of his children, Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, has given the pair her stamp of approval. "Jen Garner and Ben get along well. She is understanding and supportive of Jen and Ben's relationship. She knows Ben is doing well all around and at the end of the day, she just wants what's best for the kids and for things to be seamless and unproblematic. She wants everyone to be happy and healthy and her kids are always the priority."

"Everyone is feeling good at this point and looking forward to the future," the source added.

The couple most recently made headlines last Wednesday evening when Affleck proudly cheered his ladylove on as she accepted the Icon Award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards

The actor also recently made a surprise appearance in the singer's "Marry Me" ballad music video

See more on the couple in the video below.