Inside Mariah Carey’s Closet: Gifts From Floyd Mayweather, a Lingerie Room & 5 Shelves of Pink Shoes!

The singer gave ‘Vogue’ a tour of her amazing closet.

Prepare for wardrobe envy!

Mariah Carey has opened up her spectacular closet to Vogue  and the impressive room is a fashionista’s dream.

“I’m not as casual as most people,” the songstress says while sipping bubbly out of a champagne glass emblazoned with her initials, in a video posted by the outlet.

No kidding! Casual is definitely not the theme of Carey’s closet, which features all kinds of gorgeous clothes and accessories and enough bling to light the Las Vegas Strip, where she’ll be performing Christmas shows in December.

Let’s start with the shoes -- the singer has walls lined with shelves of sparkling footwear, with no less than five dedicated to pink or part-pink heels! Then there’s the stunning array of silver works of art. “I’m a shoe fanatic,” she admits, before heading over to the “only shoes that matter” -- slip-ons! “When I was pregnant, that’s all I could wear.”

Naturally, the singer has no shortage of amazing gowns, with some of them hanging on display on the wardrobe walls. “I have a lot of different dresses positioned … just because,” she says with a laugh while showing off the fantastic frocks.

As for accessories, Carey shares her collection of sunglasses, explaining how she likes pairs that don’t squeeze her “chipmunk cheeks.”

The pink theme continues as she talks about her purses, including a bright pink Birkin bag given to her by boxing champ Floyd Mayweather. “He told me every time someone asks, make sure they know it’s a gift from Floyd,” Carey says.

The mom of two also pulls out a compact makeup set which she says Marilyn Monroe put a written speech inside and took to the Golden Globe Awards. She also dishes on her most prized possession from the Hollywood legend.

“I have Marilyn’s white piano upstairs in my living room and it’s from when she was a child and it’s my prized possession,” Carey says. “I love the glamour. There’s just something about that specific era where it’s, like, magical."

Of course, no diva’s closet is complete without sexy lingerie, and Carey has her own room devoted to bedroom wear! “I guess I dress up a lot, but if I had my way, I would just wear lingerie and walk around the house,” she teases. “Agent Provocateur, darling!”

While she may have no shortage of amazing outfits, Carey recently ditched some clothes to pose topless on the cover of Paper magazine. Check out the shoot in the video below.