Joshua Jackson Reacts to Wife Jodie Turner-Smith's 'Star Wars' Role (Exclusive)

ET spoke to Jackson at the premiere of his new limited TV series, 'Fatal Attraction.'

Joshua Jackson is his spilling the tea on his wife's latest role.

ET's Will Marfuggi spoke to Jackson at the premiere of his new limited series, Fatal Attraction, where he dished on wife Jodie Turner-Smith's upcoming role in the Star Wars saga.

"I can't reveal exactly what she is. She is not a Jedi," Jackson teased. "But you're in the wheelhouse."

The role will likely brand Turner-Smith the "cool" parent in the house, with Jackson telling ET that their daughter, Janie, 3, is already all about mom.

"Well, I already know mom's going to be cooler than me anyhow in the long run. So, I'm reconciled to that," Jackson said of the three-year-old. "But yeah, there will come a time where she sees her mom doing some very cool stuff on camera and she'll be like, 'Daddy, why are you always doing the angry people and mommy is so cool?'"

Jackson's latest role is a mix of emotions: sexy, cool and at times, a bit angry, as he takes on the part of Dan Gallagher, a man whose life and marriage to Beth (Amana Peet) is upended by an affair he has with Alex Forrest (Lizzy Caplan), as the series applies a modern lens to the themes of privilege, mental disorders, family dynamics and murder. 

Told over two timelines, Fatal Attraction follows Daniel in the present as he tries to reconnect with his family and prove his innocence after serving 15 years in prison for the murder of Alex. In the past, set in 2008, audiences see how Dan met Alex and their subsequent affair unfolds, threatening the idyllic world he's created with his wife. 

As for what drew Jackson to the role, the Dawson's Creek alum said it was conversations with the show's writer, Alex Cunningham, that pushed him to say yes to the modern reimagining of the 1987 movie.

"Before it even got to the script, I mean, I think I had the reaction that everybody would have when you think about it like, 'Well, why are you going to do this?' Because the movie, even though it's very much a movie of its time, it's still an excellent film," Jackson said. "And so, it was really the conversations that I started having with Alex Cunningham, about why she wanted to tell the story of Fatal Attraction, and what the opportunity was when you have eight hours instead of two hours to tell the story."

He continued, "And to really delve into that iconic, Alex Cunningham character, and also to expand Dan's world and get into his family life, and what the repercussions of this event are. So, the opportunity to bring it into 2023 was pretty exciting. And then the script was excellent. I was in."

Fatal Attraction premieres April 30 on Paramount+.