J Balvin Urges Latinx Community to 'Do Better' and Support Black Lives Matter

The reggaetonero used his platform to support the Black Lives Matter movement and pledged a donation to Colors of Change.

J Balvin is using his platform to urge the Latinx community to "do better" and support the Black Lives Matter movement. The Colombian reggaetonero took to social media to participate in the Blackout Tuesday protest to show solidarity with the black community and speak out against police brutality after George Floyd's death.

Balvin wrote in both Spanish and English that he is a person who loves to bring joy, love, light and happiness to others. However, given the circumstances facing the black community in the United States, he says, "This is not a time to provide levity and celebration."

"Rather, this is a time to educate myself and my loved ones and take action," he continued. "After taking time to speak to those close with me, I am educating myself on the deep significance and horrifying history that is the root of the #blacklivesmatter movement."

Pledging to do better as a human, artist, friend and Latino, Balvin added, "I appreciate that it is my responsibility as a leader in the Latino community to educate myself of the plight of Black citizens in America – to learn about their struggles and the ongoing, systemic racism they face each day; and more importantly, to learn how I can be a better ally and help change the system through my voice and my action."

He also urged the Latinx community, as a minority themselves, to join him in giving back and helping.

"We know as a minority ourselves, just a small part of the pain that they live in each and every day – let’s help our brothers and sisters," the "Mi Gente" singer said, adding that he also pledged a donation to Colors of Change, "as sign of my commitment."

Many other Latinx artists have also been using their platform to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Becky G wrote on her Instagram that she stands in solidarity with the black community and people must do better to educate themselves on the matter.

"There are not enough words to express the millions of emotions Ive been feeling as a member of the overall minority community, but most importantly as an ally to the black communities that have and still are being directly affected by past and present events," she wrote, in part, in one post. "But I urge you all to consider who you are offline and what else we can do, to not just place bandaids on gun shot wounds. To those who are not talking about this with friends, family, fans - YOU are part of the systemic problem. If you are not outraged and heartbroken by the fact that BLACK LIVES have been shamelessly killed for far too long, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM."

Jencarlos Canela shared a video in Spanish to his Latinx community, writing: "El racista no ve diferencia entre NegrosYLatinos, Nos tampoco deberíamos✊?." He also explained that his message "is in Spanish bc it is my call to action to the latino community. We need to be allies right now and come together. Racism doesn’t differentiate black from brown. It’s OUR responsibility to hold our system and leaders accountable and demand equal rights for all as well as 0 tolerance in this country for any racial injustice."

Ricky Martin also wrote that he thinks "it is only responsible to take a stand and acknowledge the pain the Black community has suffered and continues to suffer. Not only today, but every day."

Aside from protesting in Miami, Camila Cabello has also posted many ways to help on her Instagram Stories, as well as sharing information on how Latinxs can vote and make a change.

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Prince Royce, Nicky Jam, Daddy Yankee, Sech, Natti Natasha and many other Latinx artists have also taken to social media to amplify the Black Lives Matter movement.

Watch the video below to see more on Blackout Tuesday and what others are doing to show their support and help.