Jack Harlow Calls Viral Met Gala Moment With Emma Chamberlain a 'Work of Art'

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Jack Harlow and Emma Chamberlain’s viral Met Gala moment is the talk of the town! On Monday, the 24-year-old rapper dished on the exchange between himself and the YouTube sensation that has over 3 million views on YouTube.  

Ahead of last week’s ceremony, Harlow stopped at the top of the Met Gala steps and had a quick chat with Chamberlain -- who was one of the pre-show hosts for Vogue. After the internet personality told the “First Class” emcee she would see him inside, Harlow replied, “Can’t wait. Love ya. Bye.” Chamberlain quickly said “love ya” back before making one of the most hilarious faces the internet has even seen.  

Harlow said that the world can take the moment however they want. “That’s like a piece of art because there’s so many ways to interpret that,” he said while talking to host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. “Everyone has a different take on what was going on through her head. So, I’ll leave it up to interpretation.”  

@voguemagazine Reply to @livvy_loo5 she was indeed too stunned to speak. @missionaryjack and #EmmaChamberlain on the #MetGala♬ original sound - Vogue

When asked if he tells everybody he loves them, Harlow admitted he doesn’t throw it around lightly. “Only if I love them,” he quipped. “I have a lot of warmth to share.”  

Harlow is no stranger to getting a lot of love from his fans. However, he learned from another viral moment that occurred during the NBA playoffs that everyone isn’t quite familiar with him.  

Fallon asked the star his take on NBA veteran refs Ed Malloy and Scott Foster going viral after casually asking each other "Who is Jack Harlow?"

“It was wild because of course I'm not watching the broadcast and then people start blowing up my phone and people are like ‘The refs have no idea who you are,” he recalled of the moment during the Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks game. “I’m like ‘OK.’”

Harlow added that when it came for him to introduce himself to Foster, the ref's daughter had already given him the lowdown on the rapper.  

“So, it’s like the fourth quarter and he’s over on the sideline and he comes over and I’m like ‘Yo.' I’m trying to get his attention,” he recalled. “He’s like, ‘My daughter already texted me.’” 

Harlow -- who recently released his debut album, Come Home The Kids Miss You -- has all the support he needs.  The GRAMMY-nominated artist admitted it was the fans who came up with the album's name.

“I just want to give a shout out to my supporters because they kinda supplied me with this title,” he said. “I was just seeing under my comments for a while all my posts fans were commenting ‘Come home, the kids miss you.’ I just thought it was such a poetic line.” 

He added, “I was just sitting, and I was like ‘Yo I need to come up with an album title.’ I realized I spent so much time away from home during the making of the album, and just being swept off my feet, being taken around the world. So I feel like it just encapsulates this era for me. So we went with it.” 

As for celebrating the release over the weekend at the Kentucky Derby with Drake, Harlow, who is from Louisville, Kentucky, wouldn’t have been anywhere else.  

“It's not a coincidence,” he quipped. “I had to come home.” 


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