'Jackass Forever' Star Rachel Wolfson Reveals Why She Didn't Turn Down Any Stunts (Exclusive)

One of the cast's newest additions told ET about joining the franchise.

Rachel Wolfson decided not to hold back when she joined the Jackass universe. ET's Matt Cohen spoke with the actress at the Los Angeles premiere of Jackass Forever on Tuesday, and Wolfson revealed the rules she set for herself after she landed the stunt-filled project. 

"I came from a place of yes. I told myself I wasn't gonna say no. I was on the set of Jackass and I wasn't gonna cry," she said. "Those were the two things I said."

Fellow Jackass newcomers Zach Holmes and Jasper Dolphin told ET that they were likewise down for anything, while Sean McInerney quipped, "I'm not unstoppable" after revealing there were "a few" things he opted out of.

While Wolfson admitted that her can-do spirit led to "painful moments" in the movie, she didn't regret a thing because the project was the "opportunity of a lifetime."

"When I got the call from [Jackass creator [Johnny] Knoxville to join the cast I knew it was an opportunity I couldn't refuse. I am eternally grateful," she said. "I was an MTV kid, so I grew up watching Jackass on the television and it's pretty crazy to see them come to life in real life. I still can't believe it. I still think I'm being pranked right now. It's really cool."

As for what Knoxville thought of Wolfson and the other newcomers, he told ET, "The new cast is amazing. We found the perfect new cast for us."

Reuniting with longtime pals like Steve-O was equally wonderful, Knoxville said.

"It was like we'd never stopped," Knoxville said. "I was worried, like, how's it going to feel after all these years shooting? But soon as we started it's like we never stopped."

"It's so cool, honestly, just hanging out with him," Wolfson said of Knoxville. "They really are a family and there's such a camaraderie. It really is so fun just being a part of this crazy family."

Jackass Forever will hit theaters Feb. 4.