Jacob Elordi Says Shooting Nude Scenes for 'Euphoria' Feels Like He's Getting Naked in Front of His Family

The second season of the HBO series recently wrapped.

Jacob Elordi is opening up about stripping down. The 24-year-old actor appears on Wednesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and reveals how he feels about shooting nude scenes on HBO's hit series, Euphoria, which recently aired its season 2 finale.

Elordi stars on the Zendaya-led series as Nate Jacobs, whom he describes as "a sweet, lovable, relatable, giant, 18-year-old psychopath." Nate frequently foregoes clothing on the show, something Elordi says he "kind of [has] no choice" but to accept. 

"Every scene is like, 'He sleeps with this person. He does this with this person naked,'" the actor explains. "I've done some movies where it gets to the point, like, 'He goes to the mall, shirtless.' And you're like, 'Why?'"

On Euphoria, though, the nakedness "comes with the territory of the character," Elordi says.

"He's this ultra-masculine, macho jock. Those guys, I think, tend to go around pretty shirtless, so it's sort of OK," he says. "We have an intimacy coordinator... She's like a second mother. She's like, 'Are you comfortable? Are you OK?' To the point where you're like, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm fine.'"

In addition to the intimacy coordinator, Elordi says he takes comfort in the fact that "the crew has been the same from the first season through the second season." 

"It's like getting naked in front of your family, which is weird," Elordi says with a laugh. "It's always weird."

When ET spoke to Elordi at the conclusion of Euphoria's second season, he looked ahead to what may be in store for season 3.

"Given the change in the second season, I’d imagine [season 3] would just be a complete shock again," he said. "It could just be like a completely new show again."

Seasons 1 and 2 of Euphoria are currently streaming on HBO Max.