Jada Pinkett Smith and Willow Smith Admit They've Both Considered Getting a BBL on New 'RTT'

Red Table Talk
Credit Red Table Talk / Facebook Watch

The 'Red Table Talk' trio talked about self-esteem, cosmetic procedures they've considered and the pressure women face to get surgery.

The women of Red Table Talk are getting real about Brazilian butt lifts. In Wednesday's episode of RTT, Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith and "Gammy" Adrienne Banfield-Norris, discussed plastic surgery, the pressures women face to look a certain way and the surgeries they've considered getting, including a BBL.

"I'm glad we are talking about this today, the BBLs, 'cause I was considering getting one," Jada shared. "Me too!" Willow interjected. "I think let's be real, OK. I considered getting the tiniest little bit, but then I just got in the gym and got it anyway."

With the help of Jada's finest skills, Willow opted to "build her butt" instead.

"I told her, 'You wanna butt? One thing your mother knows how to do, is build a butt,' and you built it, to the point that people thought you got surgery," the actress explained. 

The desire to have surgery Gammy says, has come from the pressure placed on women to constantly look youthful, no matter their age.

"I just feel like there's always been so much more pressure on women to look a certain way. It's all about youth," she said. "So for somebody like me, the struggle has been extremely real. Like, I had botox, then you get to the point where, how much are you gonna do? Then it almost becomes addictive."

Jada added that she isn't ruling out going under the knife.

"Both of y'all know, I've been collecting my little surgeons for that inevitable moment," Jada revealed. "Inevitable moment that this grill right here is gonna get a little snatch, even though people think I have done it already, but I haven't."

While there are procedures all three of the women have and still consider getting, they all acknowledge that getting one procedure could lead to another, resulting in a slippery slope that could lead to dangerous and even life-threatening procedures.

The women reveal that thanks to the "Zoom Boom," cosmetic surgery increased by 10 percent. After spending most of the day on Zoom calls and meetings, many have gone to the surgery table to change the things about themselves they haven't liked starring at throughout the pandemic.

"We spend hours staring at our own faces and not liking what we see," Jada said.

But this issue has been going on long before COVID, Jada pointed out and has only increased since the introduction of face-altering filters on social media, which Willow likened to to the "insane" amount of self-esteem issues she sees as prevalent today.

"I just want women to feel empowered. And, I feel like there's a slippery slope with empowerment on this trajectory of changing the way your body looks," Willow said, expressing her concern for the social media surgery phenomenon, which has only grown during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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