Jada Pinkett Smith Further Elaborates How Her Feud With Gabrielle Union Started

Jada Pinket Smith and Gabrielle Union
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The 'Gotham' actress admits that she was 'young and egotistical' when her feud with Union began 17 years ago.

Jada Pinkett Smith admits that her ego got between her and Gabrielle Union.

During Wednesday's episode of her Facebook Watch show, Red Table Talk, the Gotham actress further elaborates on how her 17-year feud with Union began and that she might have been the problem. Chatting with her gal pals, Karynne Tencer and Mia Pitts, Pinkett Smith gets candid about her thoughts at the time.

“I think who I was back then was a young, egotistical girl who basically was just like, ‘OK, if she wants to have a problem with me that’s fine, ’cause what difference does it make?’" Pinkett Smith explains. “And one of the points that Gab brought up is that it makes a big difference because at the end of the day, there’s only a handful of us in this business. And I just think we grow older and we mature and we realize that we really can’t appreciate yourself without appreciating other women.”

"I was just young and stupid and not wanting to share," she adds. "That's all that is. It's ego." Pinkett Smith and her friends go on to discuss the importance of helping one another in life and the industry.

Earlier this week, Pinkett Smith reunited with Union on her talk show to bury the hatchet on their 17-year feud.

"Gab and I, we had a bit of a break, we don't know how, and she's been open to this healing, she's been open to this conversation," Pinkett Smith said, before explaining how cathartic it felt to just apologize to Union.

"It felt so good on the phone with you to even just go, 'Hey, I'm sorry that I didn't even take the time to talk to you, you know?' And then I had to just apologize, and just thinking to myself, 'Damn, Jada! That was some petty a** s**t!'" Pinkett Smith reflected. "Every time we would see each other [over the years] we were always cordial and always nice, but it was always tension."

Watch the interaction in the video below.