Jada Pinkett Smith Jokes Husband Will's Cell Phone Isn't Allowed in the House Anymore (Exclusive)

Will only joined Instagram a few short months ago, but he’s already a social media star!

Will Smith joined Instagram only a few short months ago, and his hilarious antics have already made him a must-follow. But it seems not everyone in his life is as thrilled with his newfound social superstardom!

ET's Kevin Frazier caught up with Jada Pinkett Smith at Alfre Woodard’s 9th Annual Oscars Sistah’s Soiree on Wednesday, and the 46-year-old actress joked that her hubby’s antics -- which so far include playing with his new “unnecessary camera gear,” making up new words to beloved Christmas carols and going absolutely nuts when his hometown Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl -- are making her consider banning his phone from their home!

“He's not allowed to have his cell phone in the house anymore. He has to leave it at the front door,” Jada teased. “No, I'm just kidding. He's having such a good time.”

“Will is really creative, and he's just a fun guy. I think that this outlet... it's another toy for him,” she added. “You know, people are always like, ‘How's Will at home?’ Well, now you get to see. Now you know.”

While Will can now add "viral sensation" to his already lengthy and impressive resume, and Jada’s still riding high on the success of Girls Trip -- while admitting to “little whispers” about a much-demanded sequel --  they aren’t the only talented ones in the house. The couple’s kids, Jaden and Willow, have been forging their own career paths from a young age.

While they have each dabbled with acting roles in movies and TV, the Smith siblings’ current focus seems to be on the music world, with both putting out critically-acclaimed albums late last year.

“I always tell my children that I see them doing things and taking things beyond their parents,” Jada admitted. “That was something Will and I both kind of drilled in them. We never wanted them to be afraid to like step into the world because of who their parents are. [We said], ‘Hey guess what? You guys are gonna do bigger and better things.’”

“I mean look at them already,” she continued to gush. “They're doing it in a way in which to create the world that they want... Like we did in our youth.”

See more on the super talented and fun-loving family in the video below.



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