Jaime King and Estranged Husband Kyle Newman Detail Claims Against Each Other in New Docs

Jaime King and Kyle Newman
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The two have both made major claims about each other in their new court documents.

UPDATE: Jaime King's restraining order hearing has been moved to June 29. The temporary restraining order she was granted on May 18 against Kyle Newman will stay in effect until the next hearing date.

The estranged couple will also attend a hearing on Sept. 9 for their divorce. The court has ordered a "Family Centered Case Resolution Conference" for their case, and has required that before this conference at the hearing, both Newman and King must "meet and confer" by phone or in person about issues such as their requests, financial documents and more.

The court has ordered that King and Newman attend mediation to discuss any disagreement about the custody and visitation of their children. Both parties must attend unless they complete an agreement online through Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). Mediation is scheduled to occur on on Aug. 18. 


Jaime King and Kyle Newman's divorce is not going to be an easy one. 

After filing for divorce from her estranged husband, the actress also filed a request for a domestic violence restraining order on May 18, in which she claims she's been a victim of verbal and emotional abuse. Newman, on his end, also filed an ex parte request on Friday, denying allegations of abuse, and making his own allegations against her. ET has reached out to both King and Newman for comment.

In court docs obtained by ET, King claims that she's experienced repeated abuse at Newman's hand since the birth of their eldest son, James, which allegedly includes electronic surveillance, recording her without her knowledge, screaming and harassing her, chasing her in his car, isolating her from friends and staging a fake intervention to force her into confinement. 

The former Hart of Dixie star claims that her sister-in-law, Tahnee King, has witnessed the alleged abuse and allegedly heard Newman calling her inappropriate names in front of their two children. She claims he has a pattern where any time she attempted to gain some independence, he would escalate his efforts to demean and isolate her.

King lists May 7, 2020, as the most recent incident of alleged abuse, claiming that Newman continued "to refuse to return the children that he is withholding from out of state. On May 7th, 2020, he told me [Jaime] he is having people watch my movements and my home." She claims this alleged abuse has caused her anxiety, fear, and emotional damage.

King is also requesting that her sons, James and Leo Newman, be included in the protection order. In the docs, she states that she is requesting this order of protection because Newman has allegedly refused to return their children to L.A., "electing to remain in Pennsylvania without her consent." She says she has filed for sole legal and physical custody and that she is terrified Newman will retaliate. Per the docs, she is in fear that he will "abscond" with the children as he has allegedly cleared cash from their bank account and allegedly emptied some valuables from their safe.

King also requests that Newman stay 100 yards from her, her home, job and vehicle, as well as requested that the court enforce a move out order for Newman as she "purchased the home before marriage with separate property and is the only person on title to the home."

She is also requesting that her husband stay at least five yards from their dogs and that the court give her temporary use and possession of her Mercedes so Newman "cannot track" her "movements through the internal tracking system." She also asks for "exclusive use of all home security systems and surveillance systems" so Newman cannot continue to surveil her. A hearing is scheduled for June 8.

Newman, meanwhile, denies the allegations of abuse, as well as accuses King of substance abuse and infidelity, per docs obtained by ET. Newman claims that King is a “chronic drug addict and alcoholic" and "refuses to acknowledge that she has a problem, let alone seek meaningful treatment for such problem."

He alleges that the actress used drugs while pregnant, which resulted in Leo "being born addicted to opiates."

"I have spent the last decade and more trying to get Jaime help, covering for her when she was drunk, high, driving under the influence, missing for days at a time, late for work, fighting with friends, family, co-workers, employees, excusing her innumerable infidelities as being only the result of the drugs, and taking care of her when she was out of her mind, delusional, or catatonic as a result of her substance abuse and eating disorders," Newman declares. "I have done everything I can think of to try and get her well so she can be the mother to our children that I know she can be, including interventions, working with her doctors to wean her off opiates, and trying to convince her to get into rehab many, many times."

Newman requests an emergency temporary order for child custody and property control. He also requests the court deny King's ex parte order. He is requesting joint legal custody and full physical custody of his children, with monitored visitation rights granted to King. He also requests that neither party disparage each other or discuss litigation in front of their children. He also asks that King submit to random drug tests and complete a parenting course. 

Earlier this week, King was granted a temporary restraining order against Newman pending the hearing, a source close to the situation told ET. King requested full custody and visitation, but it was denied also pending the hearing.

A spokesperson for Newman told ET that he was "deeply saddened" by King's actions.
“Kyle was deeply saddened by Jaime’s attempt to obtain court orders based solely on false claims without providing him any opportunity to respond," the statement provided to ET on behalf of Newman stated. "As a result, he was extremely pleased that the judge nevertheless permitted their children to remain in his care."

"As Kyle continues to solo parent, as he has done throughout this pandemic, he remains entirely focused on putting the children’s stability and welfare first," the statement continued. "Kyle wants nothing but the best for his whole family and hopes that Jaime can find the peace and help she needs."

A rep for King told ET, "This is another vicious, failed attempt of Kyle to continue his abuse of Jaime and manipulate the court system. Today Kyle was denied all requests for emergency orders and the judge granted Jaime shared legal custody of their two children. The temporary domestic violence restraining order remains in place to protect Jaime." 

King met Newman on the set of the 2009 film Fanboys, which he directed and she made a cameo in. They tied the knot in Los Angeles in November 2007.

(This story was originally published on May 22 at 5:50 p.m. PT)