Jake Gyllenhaal on Whether Ex Taylor Swift Would Write Him a Country Song: ‘She’s Moved More Into Pop Now’


Jake Gyllenhaal just can’t escape questions about his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift!

The 36-year-old actor sat down with Boston Marathon bombing survivor and double amputee Jeff Bauman (whom he portrays in the new film Stronger) for a hilarious Q&A covering everything from Swift’s change of genre to burger restaurant Wahlburgers.

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“If you lost your legs in real life, do you think Taylor Swift would write a song about it?” Bauman quizzed Gyllenhaal. “Like a country song?”

“She’s sorta moved more into pop now,” the Boston native responded, straight-faced.

During the segment, which Gyllenhall shared on Facebook, Bauman also declared that he would have preferred the actor's Life costar, Ryan Reynolds, to portray him in Stronger, which centers on his experience surviving the 2013 bombing, losing his legs and helping authorities identify one of the bombing suspects.

“I was just wondering why he didn’t,” Bauman stated. “He would have been better, I think.”

Discussing their favorite movies, Gyllenhaal commented on the Mark Wahlberg flick The Departed, then joked about the Wahlberg family’s burger restaurant, Wahlburgers.

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“Speaking of Wahlberg, have you ever actually eaten a Wahlburger and if so, what happened two or three hours later?” the actor quipped.

After Gyllenhaal said he would be up for running the Boston Marathon himself one day, Bauman questioned whether he could compete without losing his “pack of security guards.”

See more on Gyllenhaal and Reynolds in the video below.

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