Jake LaMotta, Legendary Boxer and Inspiration for 'Raging Bull,' Dies at 95, Robert De Niro Pays Tribute

Robert De Niro and Jake LaMotta
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Jake LaMotta, a former middleweight champion boxer, died at age 95.

The sports legend's wife, Denise Baker, told ABC News that LaMotta died due to complications from pneumonia and was in a nursing home in Miami, Florida. 

LaMotta had 30 knockouts in his boxing career that spanned from 1941 to 1954, and earned the nickname "Bronx Bull."

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In 1980, Martin Scorsese used LaMotta's 1970 memoir as the inspiration for his black-and-white film, Raging Bull, which starred Robert De Niro as the famed pugilist.The role earned De Niro an Oscar for Best Actor.

After news broke of LaMotta's death, the 74-year-old actor told ET in statement: "Rest in Peace, Champ."

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"He was a great man, sensitive, and had eyes that danced right up to the end. I love him; God rest his soul," LaMotta's wife told ABC News. "And he never went down!"

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