James Corden Has a New Hosting Job After Leaving 'The Late Late Show'

Less than a year after signing off from 'The Late Late Show,' James Corden is coming back to emcee something new.

James Corden is coming back!

Six months after signing off from The Late Late Show after an eight-year hosting run, Corden is gearing up to emcee a different kind of show. On Monday, SiriusXM announced the Emmy Award-winning British star will be coming to airwaves weekly next year with This Life of Mine exclusively on SiriusXM in-car and on the app.

"This Life of Mine With James Corden, which is expected to premiere in early 2024, will feature in-depth conversations with the world’s biggest stars, discussing the people, places, moments, and memories that made them who they are today," a press release reads. "From favorite music and movies to books and advice, the show will seek to tell the untold stories of some of the most well-known public figures." More details will be announced during SiriusXM's Next Generation Industry & Press Preview event on Nov. 8. 

"I am thrilled to be joining SiriusXM," Corden said in a statement. "...It’s a dream to have a space to engage in deep conversations with the people whose work and talent I greatly admire."

Back in April, ET spoke with Corden about his exit after nearly a decade on late-night TV. "You don't want to be making a mistake, but I just feel compelled to do it," Corden told ET. "I feel like I've got to, I feel like if I don't leave now, I never will... or it will be me just being pushed out the door." 

"Change in your life comes with a huge amount of fear, professional, personal," he added. "We're going to move back to London, we're going to put three kids into a new school. That in itself would be a lot to do, and then to walk away from what just has been the most magical experience I could have ever wished for... to, with intention, turn everything upside down comes with a lot of fear." 

Nevertheless, as Corden assured, "No bit of me doesn't think that it's the right thing to do."