James Corden Shares His Secret Trick for Losing More Than 20 Pounds

The late-night host first opens up about wanting to get healthy in January.

James Corden is sharing his biggest weight loss tip. During a conversation on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, the 42-year-old Late Late Show host revealed the trick that helped him lose 23 pounds.

After stating that he has been "doing a bit of exercise," Corden said he credits the majority of his weight loss success to a change in his mindset.

"This is my tip -- and I'm not, for one minute, saying that I've cracked this -- but I've done every single diet in the world," he said. "I've done them all and what I've realized is the notion of going on a diet is wrong."

"You're not going on a diet -- you're gonna change the way you eat. And you're gonna change the way you eat forever," Corden continued. "Just see this as, this is how you eat now."

Corden first opened up about his goal to get healthy in January, announcing that he'd partnered with WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) in an effort to stick to his New Year's resolution.

"I want to change the way that I live. I want to be better for my children and for my family," Corden said of the three kids -- Max, 10, Carey, 6, and Charlotte, 3 -- that he shares with his wife, Julia Carey.

"I don't want to wake up tired, or feel embarrassed when I’m chasing my son on the soccer field and out of breath after three minutes," he added.

Though Corden said of his health journey that "weight is not the issue, it's the wellness of it I am ready to tackle," he shared in February that he was already down 16 pounds. Cordon's reveal came during Oprah’s Your Life in Focus "Be the Love You Need" virtual experience, when he opened up about his exercise regiment.

"I've been doing some exercise, which I hate. I just can't bare it, so I'm using the word hate," he said. "But my wife, she's so good at it. My wife is actually planning a little circuit for us after this so we do it together."

"We do some weights, and these little runs. I moan about it constantly and then I have to begrudgingly say later that afternoon that I do feel better about myself," Corden added. "So that's what we're doing, but it's about support. At the very least we'll just take a walk together, which is really lovely for us."



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