Jamie Lee Curtis on Whether She'll Kiss Michelle Yeoh Again If They Score Oscar Win (Exclusive)

Curtis went viral after kissing her co-star at another awards show.

Don't ask Jamie Lee Curtis if she'll kiss Michelle Yeoh again if they score a win at the 95th Academy Awards. She says she's not a planner, so we'll just have to wait and see how she reacts if there's a celebration to be had.

The Everything Everywhere All at Once star arrived Sunday to the red carpet for the night's big event at Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles dressed in a Dolce & Gobbana gown entirely hand embroidered with Swarovski crystals, and told ET's Kevin Frazier and Nichelle Turner that she'll live in the moment.

"You know what, I don't plan things, I don't, I'm not someone who thinks about anything in advance," she said. "I live very in the moment, very here with yall and what que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be. The future is not ours to see."

Curtis, who would later win her first Oscar for Best Supporting Actress on Sunday, instantly went viral when she grabbed Yeoh and planted a big kiss on her, after taking home a SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role. Curtis told ET that she had "no idea" she kissed Yeoh, also up for an Oscar for Actress in a Leading Role.


"I didn't know I actually kissed Michelle until they showed me," Curtis told ET. "I'm telling you, the word shocked -- you people, you must think we all think we're gonna win things. I'm not of that ilk. I don't wake up and going like, 'Mhm...gonna win.' I don't think about it. I try not to think about it for one second because it's not about that for me. It's about the actual work I get to do, and the rest of this is sort of the make-believe part."

She continued, "Weirdly enough, since the make-believe part is the work, this part is make-believe to me. So, I'm in shock when that happened, and I don't really remember what happened."

Also at the Oscars, Curtis said the night's event is the best part about being in Hollywood. She also implored those to not take the event so seriously.

"This is the best part of this industry. These kind of celebrations. Celebrating movies, celebrating the fact that we get to go to movies again in theaters, all of it is, the good stuff" she said. "The hard stuff is the 4 a.m. calls and the 16-hour days in the rain, in the dark, running around. If this isn’t fun and joyful, if I cant celebrate 64 years, 50, 46 years as an actor and enjoy  that I'm going to the Oscars that I'm talking about a movie about love, and family, and kindness and reunification with this gorgeous group of people, if I'm not gonna enjoy that then I don't know what there is to enjoy."

When told there are some actors who take their jobs too seriously, Curtis had a message for them, too.

"I do understand and they can come find me," she said, "and mommy will give them just a slight adjustment."

The 2023 Academy Awards hosted by Jimmy Kimmel will air live on Sunday, March 12 starting at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on ABC. In the meantime, keep checking back into ETonline.com for complete Oscars coverage.



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