Jamie Spears' Lawyer Says He's Dedicated to Protecting His Daughter Britney

Jamie Spears' lawyer insists that he 'has diligently and professionally carried out his duties as one of Britney’s conservators.'

Jamie Spears' lawyers feel that the latest ruling in Britney Spears and her father's conservatorship battle proves that the courts do not believe he is out to do her any harm. 

Last week, a judge ruled that Jamie and Bessemer Trust will now have equal power over the pop singer's finances. The decision came after Jamie submitted a proposed order where he argued that some of his powers were stripped away when he and Bessemer Trust became co-conservators of Britney's estate in November. In addition to giving them equal power, Jamie and Bessemer Trust were ordered to work together on an investment plan and budget proposal for the future.

In a recent statement to ET, Jamie's legal team, Vivian L. Thoreen, Holland & Knight LLP, shared why this decision by the court is of such importance.

"The Probate Court’s rulings show the court’s confidence in our client Jamie Spears and Bessemer Trust to manage the conservatorship of Ms. Spears’ estate together. My client looks forward to working with Bessemer to continue an investment strategy in the best interests of his daughter. The Probate Court is highly experienced in these matters and takes them very seriously," the statement reads in part. "From the beginning, the court has closely monitored Britney’s situation, including annual accountings and in-depth reviews and recommendations from a highly experienced and dedicated court investigator."

The statement concluded, "...My client, Jamie Spears, has diligently and professionally carried out his duties as one of Britney’s conservators, and his love for his daughter and dedication to protecting her is clearly apparent to the court."

Meanwhile, Britney's lawyers do not see Jamie as the best person to oversee the 39-year-old singer's conservatorship, and have noted on several occasions that Britney does not want her father as a co-conservator.

A conservatorship is legally defined as a court case where a judge appoints an individual or organization, called the conservator, to care for someone who "cannot care" for themselves or who cannot manage their own finances, according to the Judicial Branch of California.

In 2008, Jamie was granted the conservatorship after Britney purportedly struggled with mental health issues and was hospitalized. After Britney was released, a Los Angeles court made the conservatorship permanent, giving her father and another co-conservator at the time power over her finances and medical decisions. 

Britney's conservatorship was recently extended until Sept. 3, 2021. The next court date in the matter is set for March 17.

Reporting by Joseph Corral.