Jane Fonda Talks About Being a Fitness Video Pioneer (Exclusive)

The 80-years young actress is confident in her place in the pantheon of fitness pioneers.

Jane Fonda is confident in her place in the pantheon of fitness pioneers.

The actress and 1980s fitness goddess spoke to ET's Kevin Frazier on Sunday at the premiere of Book Club, about her new film, her love of Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool ("I think he's hysterical," she says), and her place in fitness history. She plays Vivian in Book Club, the ring leader of the titular club who introduces three friends to the world of 50 Shades of Grey and a different way of looking at life and love.

At Sunday's premiere, Fonda hinted that she and her co-stars have already discussed a sequel, although she was mum on how serious that talk is.

"We loved the experience so much that we would love to do it again," she told ET.

You wouldn't think it to see her, but Fonda recently turned 80 years old. Then again, she's always been big on fitness.

She essentially created the home video fitness fad in the early 1980s, after her bestselling 1981 book, Jane Fonda's Workout Book, was turned into the mega hit Jane Fonda's Workout VHS video the following year. The video's staying power remains -- just ask Ellen DeGeneres, who hilariously caught wife Portia de Rossi's Fonda-inspired moves in 2015.

Despite the glut of fitness videos these days, Fonda told ET that she doesn't feel the need to remind people -- particularly those too young to remember hers -- that she was the original.

"I don't need to, people know that. People know that," she said. "No, I don't feel like stopping and telling them."

Book Club hits theaters May 18.

For a look at Fonda's 80th birthday, watch the video below.