'Jane the Virgin' Star Jaime Camil Gushes Over Gina Rodriguez's 'Incredible' Real-Life Romance (Exclusive)

The actor told ET why he's thrilled to see his co-star happy in love at the Eva Longoria Foundation's Annual Dinner in Beverly Hills last week.

Gina Rodriguez has found love, and no one is more thrilled than her Jane the Virgin TV dad, Jaime Camil!

“It's incredible, because we love [Gina] very much,” Jaime gushed to ET on the red carpet at the Eva Longoria Foundation’s Annual Dinner in Beverly Hills last week. “She's a dear friend of the family… knowing Gina and how much we love her and how much our kids love her, she's part of the family, so whenever a family member does well or is successful, you celebrate."

Gina began dating actor Joe LoCicero in 2016 after he appeared as a guest star on the CW dramedy. While most would assume they’re a good match because of similar interests or personality traits, Jaime offered a hilarious take on why Gina and Joe’s relationship is so strong.

“It's because they're both devastatingly good looking, so, what's Rogelio's line? Stars of that magnitude tend to gravitate towards each other,” the Mexican actor said, laughing.

The pair frequently posts photos of their intense workouts on Instagram. Earlier this month, Gina gushed to ET that Joe has taught her “everything” when it comes to their mixed martial arts training sessions, but Joe quickly rebutted, “She learns quick! She pushes me hard.”

Jaime agrees, admitting it’s best to stay away from the gym when Gina is near. “I will never dare get into a ring with Gina because she will probably kick my butt, and to my wife, I need to always come off as a man in control, which if I get into a ring with Gina, I won’t,” he explained with a smile.

Jane the Virgin is currently in its fourth season, and Jaime could not be more excited to share upcoming episodes with fans.

“It's going to be fun. [Showrunner] Jennie Urman is limitless when it comes to creativity and turn of events and new storylines so the show is going to be amazing," he teased. "For my character, for Rogelio, it's going to be even more fun because Justina Machado's character is pregnant -- they had hate-sex a couple of times and that developed into a pregnancy which developed into a daughter -- so putting that into the Rogelio de la Vega equation, that's going to be very challenging for Andrea Navedo's character, for Xiomara and Rogelio and for Jane as well.”

The series is a favorite among viewers, but there’s one critic whose opinion matters most to Jaime: his wife, model Heidi Balvanera.

“It’s important for me for her to approve the scene or for her to laugh at the scene, that means it's good,” he said, and later joked, “After 13 years, she doesn't laugh much… so when I steal laughter from her I know it's a good job.”

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