Jason Behr Cast in Season 2 of 'Roswell, New Mexico'

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A familiar face is coming back to a certain New Mexico town!

On Sunday, The CW and Warner Bros. Television announced that Jason Behr, the star of Roswell, will be appearing in a multi-episode arc on the reboot Roswell, New Mexico, in the second season.

Behr played Max Evans, an alien in disguise, on the original series. The same role was taken over by Nathan Parsons in the reboot. When Behr had the role, Max was a high school student, but now the character has joined Chaves County Sheriff's Department in the new show. 

"We're very excited that Jason will be joining us for a multi-episode arc. It's only fitting that he's playing a (currently top secret) character with deep ties to Roswell, New Mexico's history," executive producer Carina Adley MacKenzie shared in a statement. "Working with him has already been such a special experience for all of us -- particularly when [Roswell co-star] Shiri Appleby was on set to direct him. I was such a huge fan of Roswell as a kid, so having their stamp of approval -- not to mention their expertise and advice -- has really meant the world to me, the cast and the crew."

ET also caught up with MacKenzie at New York Comic Con over the weekend, where she shared how the collaboration came together.

"I met Jason at [TV producer] Julie Plec's birthday party. And he was super cool and we stayed up all night talking," she shared. "I basically wrote an email and was like, 'Here's the character, I thought it would be cool if you want to do it' and I cannot believe he said yes."

When asked about his upcoming role, MacKenzie remained tight-lipped. However, she did state: "Here's what I'll say. It is not related to Max Evans. He is not playing a version of Max. He's not playing Max's dad. He is not playing anything that is connected to the character that he played on the original show. It's a completely different, new, original character with ties to other characters on our show. And he's done such a phenomenal job that I'm like, 'Can we spin off into another show with just Jason Behr?' All by himself."

So, will fans ever see Appleby and Behr on screen together again on Roswell, New Mexico? "Chris Hollier, my co-showrunner, pitched me a story where they would interact recently, but I said no," she said. "I really wanna have Shiri on screen and she's down, but I want it to be something that is different from what she's done before and we haven't figured that out yet."

MacKenzie also revealed another star from the original series who she's dying to have on her show: "Nick Wechsler. I would love, love, love to work with Nick Wechsler." 

Roswell, New Mexico returns for its second season midseason on The CW.


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