Jason Priestley Watches Luke Perry's 'Riverdale' With His Daughter: 'It's a Guilty Pleasure' (Exclusive)

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The 48-year-old actor talks to ET about working with his daughter on ‘Wishenpoof,’ his family’s holiday plans and his Canadian dramedy, ‘Private Eyes.’

Jason Priestley is gearing up for Christmas, and he shared his family’s biggest traditions this time of year.

“Early in the [holiday] season, we go down and watch Nightmare Before Christmas at the [El Capitan Theatre] in Hollywood. But other than that, our big Christmas traditions all have to do with food,” Priestley told ET while promoting the Christmas special for Amazon Prime Video’s animated kids series, Wishenpoof. “We tend to try to cook things that are very interesting and do big show-stopper events like crown-roasted pork. I tend to show off typical Canadian dishes, like tourtiere, that my American friends aren’t as acquainted with.”

The holidays are the Priestleys’ “favorite” time of year, and they look forward to spending quality family time together. In fact, the 48-year-old actor -- who voices the dad on Wishenpoof -- said one of the reasons he signed on to do the show was so his children, 10-year-old daughter Ava and 8-year-old Dashiell, could have something age-appropriate of his to enjoy.

“This is something that my daughter, who was very young at the time, would like to watch,” the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star recalled thinking. Priestley also shared that he’s been able to connect with his daughter on a deeper level through the show, as Ava also voices one of the girls on Wishenpoof.

“When we get to do episodes of Wishenpoof, we actually get to go to the studio together and record together, which is fun for us," he added. "It’s a wonderful way to spend time together. It’s been a lot of fun. It really is a very special experience and something that’s not lost on the two of us."

Another show Priestley and his daughter bond over may be surprising to some but will certainly make Beverly Hills, 90210 fans happy. When asked if he has caught his pal Luke Perry’s addictive CW drama, Riverdale, Priestley confessed he has.

“You know what, my daughter loves Riverdale, so I watch it with her,” he revealed.

Though it certainly wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility to have Priestley rocking a leather jacket or revisiting Brandon Walsh’s perfectly-coiffed hair on Riverdale, he said he hasn’t thought about reuniting with Perry on the small screen even though he does "enjoy the show."

“I don’t know what I would [play]!” he admitted, adding, “It could be fun to be on that show."

Personally, we’re hoping (and praying!) for an old buddy from Fred Andrews’ high school days to pay a visit. Wouldn’t that be the perfect role for Priestley?!

Priestley said it’s been fun watching Riverdale on a weekly basis, not only to see what Perry’s been up to but to catch up with childhood friends, old theater school buddies and former colleagues he’s worked with in the past, as the show films in his Canadian hometown of Vancouver. “It’s a guilty pleasure of mine to watch that show -- in a myriad of ways,” he said.

While a Riverdale cameo may not be in the cards yet, Priestley is looking forward to the U.S. debut of the new season of his Canadian drama, Private Eyes, where he plays Matt Shade, a former hockey player-turned-private investigator. The second season premieres on Ion in February.

“It really is a throwback to those shows that we loved in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. It’s reminiscent of shows like Remington Steele and Moonlighting," he explained. "We solve a closed-end mystery story every week, but we do it with a light touch. Matt Shade has been a lot of fun for me to play. He’s a guy who has been very successful in his life but he’s a guy who always struggles. He’s a relatable character and a guy I think a lot of people will have a good time rooting for.”

The second season of Wishenpoof, including the holiday-themed “A Wish World Christmas,” is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.