Jason Segel and Alexis Mixter Break Up After 8 Years Together

Jason Segel Alexis Mixter
Todd Williamson/Getty Images

The 'How I Met Your Mother' star's longtime girlfriend says they will 'remain best friends.'

Jason Segel and Alexis Mixter appear to be amicably calling it quits. After eight years together, the How I Met Your Mother star's longtime girlfriend announced on Instagram that they were breaking up.

"This is a photo of two best friends. This guy and I have shared so much life together. Changed each other at a soul deep level. All for the better," Mixter, an artist, begins her post that included an old photo of herself with Segel. "The depth of our bond was something I could never have anticipated. I’ve never spent so much time with another person, grown so much alongside someone else, laughed so much, cried so much, shared so much."

She goes on to explain why she wanted to announce their split on social media. "It is odd to write about the end of a relationship, especially when the friendship that still exists is so full of life. But change happens and we made the decision quite a while ago to let ourselves grow away from what our relationship had been and into what it was becoming," Mixter shares. "Announcing a breakup on social media is a strange feeling. Some won’t understand why it is necessary and that’s OK. Having a public romantic relationship is not easy. Ending one feels like navigating a road that doesn’t even exist."

Mixter was adamant that this is not the end of her friendship with Segel, writing, "This post is a tribute to love and friendship and those relationships that make life worth living. Thank you J for being my best friend. The person who shares all my favorite jokes, sees who I really am and all I want to be, loves me unconditionally and makes me always strive to be bigger and better than I was yesterday. I will never stop cheering you on with every cell of my body. I will never stop loving you unconditionally."

Segel has not publicly commented on the breakup. 

The 41-year-old actor first got together with Mixter in 2014, and they made their first red carpet appearance together at a fundraiser hosted by Sean Penn in 2016.