Jay Pharoah Shares Behind-the-Scenes Moments With Bob Saget From 'Bakin' Music Video (Exclusive)

Bob Saget joined Jay Pharoah and DJ Whoo Kid, in what would be his final project, for Desiigner’s ‘Bakin’ music video, out Feb. 7.

Jay Pharoah is looking back on working with Bob Saget on a music video shortly before his death.

The Saturday Night Live alum spoke with ET's Kevin Frazier, and was joined by DJ Whoo Kid, as they reflected on Saget's appearance in the music video for Desiigner's "Bakin," which drops next week.

In the video, Saget plays a chef, and Pharoah recalled how he was actually scheduled to appear in the scene alongside Saget on the day of the shoot.

"I was supposed to be in the scene with him but I showed up late," the comic recalled. "You always think in your head, 'You know what, I'll see him. I'm going to see him around, I can talk to him.' But you don't know how long you have with people, man."

According to DJ Whoo Kid, Saget was hesitant at first, because he wasn't sure what the video would involve.

When asked how Saget felt about the video's more sexually charged or racy content, DJ Whoo Kid recalled, "He was very adamant about the respect for women and stuff like that. And I was like, 'Yo, it's a fun hip hop video, it's not even like that."

DJ Whoo Kid and Slushii are featured on Desiigner’s upcoming single and will appear in the music video alongside the late comedian. 

Meanwhile, Pharoah recalled how he was shocked to learn Saget was 65 when he died, as the beloved comedian had a youthful personality and "such a jubilant spirit."

"Everybody he was around, and he touched, has said the same thing. They have nothing bad to say about him. It's the same thing, which is that he was the sweetest, nicest, most humble man," Pharoah shared. "He didn't have to be. He didn't have to be like that. You know, you see people all the time on television, then you meet them in person, and they're not their character."

"And he wasn't his character [either]," he added, referring to Saget's Danny Tanner character from Full House. "But he was sweet. He still had the sweetness of that character. That's all him, man."

A portion of funds raised from the music video launch of "Bakin" will go to support the Scleroderma Research Foundation, which Saget founded in support of those with medical conditions like Scleroderma. Saget dedicated much of his life to helping raise awareness and combat the life-threatening and devastating illness.

The single "Bakin" drops Friday, while the music video is set to be released on Feb. 7.

Over this past weekend, many of Saget's famous friends found a special way to remember him, following his death on Jan. 9, at a hotel in Orlando, Florida. Saget's friends and family staged a cathartic "punk rock Shiva," hosted by John Mayer, Dave Chappelle, Jeff Ross, Marc Maron and Seth Green.

Ross shared pics from the event on Instagram, revealing that attendees included Full House stars John Stamos and Jodie Sweetin, as well as Dave Coulier's wife, Melissa. Two of Saget's daughters, Aubrey and Lara, were also on-hand for the event, which was held at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood, California.

Check out the video below to hear more.