Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler Reveal Their Nicknames for One Another (Exclusive)

The pair sat down with ET ahead of the release of their Netflix mystery comedy, 'Murder Mystery 2.'

If you thought Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler couldn't get any cuter, wait till you hear the nicknames they have for one another.

The longtime friends and co-stars sat down with ET ahead of the release of the second installment of their Netflix mystery comedy, Murder Mystery 2, where they interviewed each other for a segment called, "Spilling the ETea," where they asked each other a series of questions about their relationship, the film and more.

Aniston kicked things off with a pointed question, asking, "The fans are so excited to see us together, what is the best part of being my on-screen partner? Why am I your favorite?"

"Wow!" Sandler exclaimed before giving a shoutout to another one of his frequent collaborators, Drew Barrymore. "Drew is so angry."

He continued, "Well, you certainly have a way about making life fun on the set. You're caring. You care about how I'm doing. If I'm enjoying my life. If I'm healthy. You do things to make my beard smell better."

After thanking Aniston for waiting till she gets into another room to share her disdain for their on-screen kisses, Sandler revealed his nickname for The Morning Show actress.

"That's all I've got for you Anaburger," Sander said. 

"Alright, Sandalman," Aniston replied, referring to the Hubie Halloween actor by her nickname for him as well.

The pair, who are teaming up again for Murder Mystery 2 also dished on the action-packed scenes in the film, which sees them travel all over the world, from Paris to Hawaii to crack yet another case.

"What was all the training like for you?" Sandler asked Aniston about the training she got for the film's fight and action scenes. "'Cause I remember you going bananas -- suspended in air in a dress. Any fight scene fails during production?"

"No," Aniston replied confidently. "But somebody else had a fight scene fail."

That somebody was Sandler, who got hit in the face by co-star Mark Strong.

"Why did he hit me?" Sandler asked. "I don't know. He didn't mean to," Aniston insisted. "You were too close -- he felt terrible."

Despite the high-intensity action scenes, Aniston said did not train for the film, outside of her normal workout regimen.

"She's also looking pretty strong," Sandler confirmed. "You can't mess with Aniston's routine."

Elsewhere in the interview, the two, who have been friends for over 30 decades, made cracks about each other, with Aniston joking about everything from Sandler's signature laid-back style to the comedian trying -- and failing -- to get Aniston to eat a cookie during the course of the Q&A.

See the dynamic duo when Murder Mystery 2 airs March 31 on Netflix.