Jennifer Aniston Has a New Job -- and It Has Nothing to Do With Acting

Jennifer Aniston
Vital Proteins

Check out the project that got the actress back to work!

Jennifer Aniston is back to work, but it's not what fans are expecting. 

Vital Proteins, a collagen brand, announced on Wednesday that the 51-year-old actress is their new Chief Creative Officer, a role that will see Aniston focus on product innovation and brand strategy. 

"I’ve always been an advocate for nourishing your wellness from within, which is why I started using Vital Proteins so many years ago," Aniston says of her new role. "Now to have the opportunity to be a part of the brand in a bigger way, as Chief Creative Officer, is very exciting to me."

To kick off the partnership, the company put on a pandemic-safe photo shoot with Aniston, which, behind-the-scenes footage shows, included hand sanitizer, face shields, social distancing and other precautions.

The final pics give no sign that things were different on set; one shows Aniston in a yoga pose, while the other has the actress running her fingers through her hair.

Vital Proteins
Vital Proteins

The Friends star is a huge believer in the benefits of using products such as these with collagen, which supports hair, skin, nail, bone and joint health. 

"Collagen is the glue that holds everything together," Aniston said, noting that she's fond of Vital's immunity booster and energy-boosting creamer.

"We’re really excited to welcome Jen and her valued perspective to the Vital team," Kurt Seidensticker, Founder and CEO of Vital Proteins, said. "We've all watched Jen live a life that prioritizes wellness from the inside-out, which she attributes in part to her belief in Vital Proteins, making this partnership so unique and, more importantly, authentic."

He added, "We are teaming up together to inspire the world to live healthy, and more vibrant lives."

For more with the inspirational Aniston, watch the video below.