Jennifer Aniston Loves This Quarantine Edition of 'Friends' Theme Song

'Friends' cast
Andrew Eccles/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

The actress posted the remix of the popular song to her Instagram Story.

One  Friends  fan got the attention of Rachel Green herself when he decided to switch up the lyrics to the beloved sitcom's theme song. 

Irish singer-songwriter JC Stewart changed the words of The Rembrandts' '90s tune, "I'll Be There for You," so that it related more to quarantine life. Jennifer Aniston loved the rendition so much that she reposted it to her Instagram Story.

"It looks like we might be inside for a year, or it might only be a day, a week, a month, it's really not clear," Stewart croons in a video of himself constantly opening the fridge. "...I'll be here all day, and you will be tooo."

In addition to sharing this amazing theme song remix, Aniston also shared with Interview magazine her simple margarita recipe. She would not, however, discuss "The Rachel" haircut that she's been asked about since Friends first premiered in 1994. Watch below:

While we might be all inside quarantining for an unknown amount of time, Friends fans did receive good news last week when it was announced that the NBC sitcom would again be available to stream Wednesday, May 27 on HBO Max. 

However, the Friends special, where the entire cast reunites for an unscripted special that will have the actors returning to the show's original sets, has been postponed.

Here's a look back at the NBC show while fans wait to binge watch it all over again: