Jennifer Aniston Talks Star Who Acted 'Above' His 'Friends' Role

Jennifer Aniston Opens Up About Being 'Buddies' With Ex-Husband Brad Pitt

Friends had plenty of A-list guest stars throughout its 10-season run, but looks like not all of the experiences were positive ones. Jennifer Aniston appeared on SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday, and recalled one particular male actor that felt he was too good for the sitcom.

Aniston, who played Rachel on the beloved show, talked about the star's rude behavior on set. She said that the person felt they were too "above" being on a sitcom.

"I remember when we were doing a network run-through, the network and the producers would just laugh. And this person would be like, 'Listen to them, just laughing at their own jokes. So stupid, not even funny,'" she shared. "It was just like, 'What are you doing here?'"

Needless to say, the famously tight-knit cast and crew didn't appreciate the attitude.

"This is a wonderful, warm place to be, and you're coming into our home and just sh*t on it," she noted.

Aniston revealed that the unnamed actor ended up apologizing years later.

"The funny thing is, that male did apologize about their behavior years later, and just said, 'I was so nervous, to be honest, that I wasn't on my best behavior,'" she shared.

During Aniston's candid interview with Stern, she also talked about being "buddies" with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, and why she never dated her Friends co-star, David Schwimmer, given that the two admitted they had a crush on one another during early seasons of the sitcom.

"We were in relationships and it was always never the right time and it wouldn't have worked," she explained. "The beauty of that was that whatever feelings we had we just literally channeled everything into Ross and Rachel and I think that's maybe why it resonated the way it did."


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