Jennifer Garner Reveals How She Stays in Shape -- and the One Diet That 'Stuck'

Jennifer Garner at 2018 Oscars
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Jennifer Garner is revealing the secret to her incredible shape.

The 45-year-old actress sat down with WIRED last week to answer the internet's most searched questions about herself, and unsurprisingly, her fitness routine was at the top of the list. 

"I did it this morning, just so you know," said Garner, who has often been photographed attending Body By Simone classes in Los Angeles. "It's a dance cardio, weights, trampoline, all kinds of different things, really fun, high energy, super hard, but you can do it, workout."

As for her diet, Garner revealed that she's been able to stick with Be Well by Kelly, after using nutritionist Kelly LeVeque's tips to help get in shape for a movie. 

"I've been following Be Well by Kelly because I was getting ready for a movie where I had to look a certain way. I actually have really liked the diet, so I've stuck on it," she shared. 

In the video, Garner also opened up about her background in ballet, doing her own stunts, which sport she feels like she knows just by watching her kids, and she even showed off her pig latin skills. Watch below: 

Garner was also in the sharing mood during her appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden on Thursday, where she dished out a couple "juicy" stories from her time at band camp. 

"I went to band camp, somewhere in the hills of West Virginia," she bragged. "We did have a 'one time at band camp' situation."

Garner then told a tale about a female brass player that had one of her first sexual experiences while on the trip.

"She administered her first b to the [bleep]," Garner recalled. "She took it very literally and she had quite a strong blow."

Corden chimed in, "Because she's a trumpet player."

"She had a serious set of lungs," Garner continued. "So, somebody went home early. Bless."

See more on Garner in the video below. 


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