Jennifer Garner Says She's Done With Having Kids

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Jennifer Garner is taking tabloid rumors in stride.

The 47-year-old actress made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, where she again addressed a tabloid report that she and her good friend, Reese Witherspoon, are both pregnant. The mother of three admitted it's awkward to be at the grocery store and see the headline while she's checking out.

"I'm just gonna stand next to it, really close," she joked. 

Garner, who shares three kids with her ex-husband, Ben Affleck -- 13-year-old Violet, 10-year-old Seraphina and 7-year-old Samuel -- said the ship for having more children has definitely sailed.

"To be clear, again, I'm 47," she stressed. "We've wrapped it up, we're not doing it."

She later hilariously threw Witherspoon under the bus.

"Reese on the other hand, she might be ... she's definitely pregnant," she cracked. "She's having twins!"

Witherspoon and Garner have joked about their joint pregnancy rumors before. Last week, in honor of Garner's 47th birthday, Witherspoon Instagrammed a video of the two drinking wine together.

"We really should not be be drinking while we're pregnant," 43-year-old Witherspoon tells Garner. "This is a bad idea."

Rubbing her stomach, Witherspoon jokes, "Mine's just a burrito," prompting Garner to giggle, "Mine's a slice of an avocado."

Witherspoon captioned the video "Happy birthday to my hilarious friend #JenniferGarner! Here’s to raising our glasses and pretend babies together. What should I name my burrito??"

During Garner's visit on The Ellen DeGeneres Show -- which coincided with her covering People magazine's Beautiful Issue 2019 -- she also addressed her son recently getting embarrassed at her dressing up as Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon at his birthday party in February.

"My son is super into How to Train Your Dragon," she shared. "I thought I would dress up as Astrid. He was just like, 'Mom!' He's always been so into it, and he turned 7 and he's just so cool, and he's just like, 'Mom!'"

ET spoke to Affleck last month at the Triple Frontier premiere, where he talked about Garner being "devastated" that Samuel didn't appreciate her in costume.

"I was shocked as anybody when I saw Jen come out as Astrid," he admitted. "But then she said Sam was like, 'OK, Mom. We already have an Astrid.'"

Affleck said he felt for his ex-wife.

"I felt so bad. She was devastated," Affleck said with a sympathetic laugh. "She had gone to all these lengths to put on the costume."

"We're just not that cool," he added. 

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