Jennifer Hudson's Ex David Otunga Granted Temporary Custody of Son

Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga split
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The singer has dropped her restraining order against Otunga.

Jennifer Hudson's son will remain in the custody of his father, David Otunga, for the time being. 

Otunga was granted temporary custody of David Otunga Jr. from Nov. 26 to Dec. 8 while Hudson is out of town, according to court documents obtained by ET. 

The court granted Otunga's request last Tuesday, also granting Hudson exclusive possession and occupancy of her Illinois home. Otunga will not have any access to the residence, but can pick up and drop off their 8-year-old son in front of the home. 

A court document signed off by a judge on Monday, meanwhile, orders that Otunga will be able to enter the residence on Thursday to photograph and/or video his personal items for inventory. Otunga, who is allowed no more than three people with him while inside Hudson's home and is not allowed to share or disseminate any photos or videos from the residence, will pick up his items within the next week. 

Hudson has also voluntarily vacated the Emergency Order of Protection she filed against Otunga on Nov. 16. However, the judge did sign off on a gag order, prohibiting "each party, their attorneys, publicist, agents, employees, family members or any one acting in the concert with a party...from publishing, disseminating, posting on social media, or otherwise transmitting videos or statements, media alerts/releases, or other information pertaining to this litigation and the well-being of the minor child."

Hudson and Otunga still need to decide on a formal custody arrangement. Their next custody hearing is set for Dec. 20. 

The former couple announced their split earlier this month, after 10 years together. See more in the video below.