Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio and More Famous People Star in 'Don't Look Up' Trailer

Meryl Streep! Ariana Grande! Timothée Chalamet! Cate Blanchett! And more!

The first teaser trailer for Don't Look Up is like a "Where's Waldo?" of famous people. Adam McKay's latest stars Jennifer Lawrence as an astronomy grad student, Kate Dibiasky, and Leonardo DiCaprio as her professor, Dr. Randall Mindy, who discover a comet is going to hit Earth. And no one really seems to care.

You care about who's in this, though, as they pop up rapid fire throughout the trailer: There's Meryl Streep as the president! There's Timothée Chalamet in a wig! There's Cate Blanchett and Tyler Perry as morning show hosts! There's Ariana Grande as... Ariana Grande? The cast also includes Rob Morgan, Jonah Hill, Mark Rylance, Ron Perlman and Kid Cudi. And more!

Netflix is giving Don't Look Up a prime awards season release and makes sure to credit McKay for Oscar winners The Big Short and Vice, but in the same breath it makes sure you know he did Step Brothers and Anchorman, too. So maybe we have no idea what this movie is going to be.

Don't Look Up is in select theaters on Dec. 10 and on Netflix on Dec. 24.