Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Are 'Having Fun' and 'Care About Each Other a Great Deal,' Source Says

Bennifer recently rekindled their romance after they called off their engagement and split in January 2004.

Things are looking good between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

The pair, famously known as Bennifer, recently rekindled their romance, years after calling off their engagement and split in 2004. After the actor was spotted visiting J.Lo's Los Angeles home on multiple occasions and taking a trip to Montana together, a source tells ET that two "are having fun together."

"Jen is loving the attention she has been getting from Ben," the source says. "Jen and Ben didn't get along at the end of their relationship years ago. But once their hurt feelings subsided, they were friendly for many years."

"Now that they've fully reconnected, they are having fun together and care about each other a great deal," the source adds.

The two began dating in 2002 while starring in their first movie together, Gigli. They quickly got engaged, but by 2003 they called off their wedding just days before their planned September ceremony. They officially split in January 2004.

"We were about to get married and it didn't work out," Lopez previously told ET. "And it was just a bad heartbreak. You know, one of those break ups that really, it was a tough one for me for whatever reason. For many reasons."

Fans were surprised to see Lopez move on so quickly after calling off her engagement and breaking up with Alex Rodriguez. However, another source told ET that it wasn't "a huge surprise" for Lopez and Affleck's friends, who knew they stayed in touch over the years.

Meanwhile, an additional source told ET earlier this month that the Justice League star "has always had an affinity for Jennifer and was the one who initially started pursuing her and making an effort to reconnect romantically speaking."

"He wanted to explore things with her beyond a friendship and they've both really been enjoying spending time together," the source added.

As for Lopez's ex Rodriguez, he was "surprised" by how quickly she reunited with Affleck after their breakup, a source told ET.

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