Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Are Married: How The Couple Made it Down the Aisle 20 Years Later

The pair, who rekindled their relationship in 2021, got married on July 16.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are taking full advantage of their second chance at love! The couple, who rekindled their romance in 2021, got married in Las Vegas on July 16 -- three months following their engagement.  

"Jen and Ben got married in Vegas. They have so much fun together and thought this would be a fun idea too. Ben is absolutely in love with Jen and feels loved by her too. They both feel so comfortable with each other and like they share history and know each other so well,” a source told ET.  

Lopez, 52, and Affleck, 49, got engaged in November 2002, then called things off completely in 2004. Now, 20 years later, the couple are back together and on the same sheet of music. 

“They feel like they are in the same place in life now and relate to each other on another level. Ben feels younger around Jen and like she brings out his best self. He loves that he doesn't have to try very hard and can just be himself," the source continued. 

"Jen loves being around Ben no matter what they are doing. She thinks Ben is an incredible partner and father. She celebrates him for the good and they are both really there for each other. They're so excited to make more memories together and have more adventures, both as a couple and as a family." 

In April, the Tender Bar actor popped the question with a green sparkler. At the time, a source told ET that the couple felt like they were dreaming following their engagement.

"They feel like they are living their dream life," the source said. It’s been all about showing up and supporting one another, this time around.  

Since the start of the second act of their romance, the pair have been by each other’s side for some of their biggest career achievements. In June, two months after their engagement, Lopez opened up to ET about having her man's support and his cameo appearance in her Netflix documentary, Halftime.  

"It's a beautiful moment," she gushed about Affleck’s support. Affleck and Lopez have made it clear that it’s all about including their children in their romance and blending their families.  

The couple each got married and had children during their time apart. Lopez married Marc Anthony in 2004. The pair who split in 2014, share 14-year-old twins, Max and Emme.

Affleck was married to Jennifer Garner from 2005-2018. The pair are parents to Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10. 

The “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” singer gave fans an inside look at their blended family life, during her Father’s Day shout out to Ben. Everyone is on board, with the couple’s respective children being all in when it comes to their union.  

For the pair, it’s always family first. Jen and Ben are so dedicated to each other and their families. Jen is focused on herself,” a source told ET in June.  

Past the prime of their careers, the A-list couple know that family is their biggest focus. The Hustlers actress recently wrote about how her perspective about work-life balance has changed now that she is a mother, and in a relationship

"It's super important for me, especially now, to prioritize my personal life and not just my work life. When I had kids 14 years ago was when I started thinking differently," she wrote. "Things changed for me. Little by little, my perspective has turned into a healthier work-life balance,” she wrote in the On the JLo newsletter. 

"Now that I'm getting married, it's about my family first and foremost," Lopez added. "It’s about having enough time to be the woman, the mother, the partner and the person that I need to be for the important people in my life. It must be a very special project if it’s going to take time away from my family." 

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