Jennifer Lopez and Camila Cabello Chat 'Cinderella' and Secrets From 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Jennifer Lopez and Camila Cabello
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The two Latinas talk about their careers during SOMOS Radio on Apple Music.

Jennifer Lopez and Camila Cabello are spilling secrets on their projects, as well as touching on Latinxs' using their voices in the upcoming election.

The two Latinas had a conversation on the latest episode of SOMOS Radio hosted by Christian Acosta on Apple Music, where Cabello teased a very exciting moment in her upcoming Cinderella movie, while J.Lo shared a never-before-heard story from her epic Super Bowl halftime show.

Lopez brought down the house during her and Shakira's Super Bowl showdown in February. The entertainer at one point stepped out with an American flag feathered coat, which also featured the Puerto Rican flag on the inside. Lopez revealed that no one knew about her wardrobe choice to represent her family's native country.

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"The flag, I didn't even show it to anybody until the last minute, because I didn't want anybody telling me I couldn't do it," Lopez revealed. "So it was kind of a secret…I just had the American flag on the outside and during rehearsals I didn't really open it up until we were on stage, and I was like, Latino!'"

"That's a little secret. But it definitely was a moment that I felt was so necessary to be said, and I wanted to take the chance," she added. "And even if I got crap for it afterwards, which I hope I didn't. I hope that it was received in the way that you did…It was really important to take the risk. So it was a lot of fun."

Lopez added that the Super Bowl was a great place to make a statement, adding that she was proud to also represent women. She also touched on bringing up her daughter, Emme, to sing and having little girls in cages.

"I knew I was representing Latinos, and I knew I was representing that I was American as well. And the whole idea of having my daughter come up in a cage and sing 'Let's Get Loud,'" she expressed. "The whole idea was to raise our voices, to understand that your voice matters and to always use your voice. And that's why I filled the stage with little girls. And letting women and Latinos know that we have to, we have an obligation, a responsibility, to speak out against injustices, to speak out against anybody who's not treating us in the way that we deserve to be treated."

"And that was a huge statement that I hoped I did in a musical way. And this is the great thing about being a musician and being creative is that you can do things in a way that people can receive them. And it was received in a beautiful way, thank god. But the message was there," she noted.

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Cabello, on her end, was back on the set of Kay Cannon's upcoming Cinderella. The 23-year-old singer expressed that the Marry Me star inspired her to act, as well as teased a major J.Lo moment in the film.

"I feel like there's stuff that I don't want to say, because I don't want people to know yet. But in the interview when I wrapped Cinderella, they were talking about what does it mean for you to be a Latin Cinderella? And I said your name in that interview, Jen," Cabello began. "I was like, 'If it weren't for people like you, I wouldn't be able to do that.' You trailblazing in movies and being a musician that did both and did all of it, that's what made that possible for me."

"And it was one of the best experiences of my life. And actually, we sing one of your songs in the movie," Cabello confessed.

"Yes! I can't wait," Lopez chimed in.

"To be honest, I shouldn't have said that, but whatever. I'm here, I got excited, and I did. I'm not saying which one. I'll tell you after," Cabello added, with Lopez replying, "Don't tell me after. I want to see it. I want to see it for the first time and be blown away. I can't wait."

Meanwhile, the two also agreed that Latinxs have the power to make change happen in the upcoming election.

"We're this huge community in the United States. We hold all this power and we deserve to be celebrated and acknowledged for what we contribute to this country," Lopez relayed. "We have the ability to change the outcome of this election for whatever we want it to be. And I honestly believe that this country needs a change, and the Latinos have the power to make that change happen."