Jenny Mollen Shows Off Bandaged Belly in Mirror Selfie 4 Days After Giving Birth to Son Lazlo

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Jason Biggs' wife didn't shy away from sharing her post-surgery look on social media.

Jenny Mollen isn't afraid to bare her soul or body when it comes to her kids!

Just four days after giving birth to her second son, Lazlo, with husband, Jason Biggs, via cesarean section on Monday, Mollen posted a mirror selfie showing off her post-surgery look.

The mom of two wore a black bra and displayed her lower half wrapped in several layers of bandages. She captioned the photo, "Post op chic. #babybiggs."

She also shared a sweet pic of Biggs, newborn Lazlo, and their 3-year-old son, Sid, wearing heart-shaped sunglasses in the hospital.

"Who would have thought when I met this man in 2007 that 10 years later we'd have all this," she gushed in the caption.

Baby Biggs was born on Monday, and the couple shared their journey to the hospital and delivery room.

In an Instagram video, the My Partner Knows Best host revealed his excitement and nerves before his son's birth.

“From what I remember, I feel exactly the same way I felt the first time we did this," he said. "But I expected not to feel this way again. I thought I would be way calmer and cooler and collected, and I am not.”

After Lazlo was born, Mollen posted a series of photos, including this beautiful one of Mom, Dad and baby all together.

The proud parents announced they were expecting back in April.  For more on the couple, watch the video below.